Skyrocket your revenue by taking A Data driven approach to shift planning

For restaurants to win in 2020 and beyond, they need to move away from the standard methods of managing labor and adopt a more predictive data-driven approach. With labor costs running at approximately 30% or higher, learning how to accurately schedule and manage your shifts is critical to the success of your restaurant.

Listen to restaurant industry leader Fred LeFranc and Compeat’s Matthew Mayer as they help you discover how you can accelerate revenue and reduce loss leveraging Compeat’s Shift Profitability report.

The shift profitability report will shine a light on when you make or lose money in your operation. Armed with this information, you can increase revenue and profitability at peak times. In a shift where you break even or lose money, you will be able to minimize the loss while maintaining service standards. 

Our industry experts will show 
you how to:

  • Analyze how many shifts are profitable, break even, or 
    running at a loss.
  • Adopt a data-driven approach to shift management.
  • Accelerate revenue on busy shifts.
  • Reduce profit loss on slow shifts.


Top Tactics for Improving Shift Profitability

Learn how to leverage Compeat's shift profitability report to reduce labor costs, prevent revenue loss, and increase profits.

In a fast-paced restaurant industry with new technology, competition, and laws changing the game each day, Fred LeFranc brings order to disorder and helps businesses thrive. He is a well-respected industry veteran who has advised many of the industry’s most significant executives and companies – from startups to billion-dollar global chains – to deliver long term sustainable success.

Fred is a change agent, assisting brands in reinventing and evolving to stay relevant to their current and potential customers. He combines direct knowledge of operating a restaurant with an inherent talent for business and acute vision for growth. He leverages his passion for business, understanding of human behavior and knowledge of technology to provide corporate counsel and make a lasting impact. As a corporate strategist, he has turned around many declining businesses, helping significantly improve sales.

Currently, Fred holds the position of CEO & Chaos Strategist with Results Thru Strategy, a restaurant consulting company he founded in 2006.

Fred LeFranc
CEO & Chaos Strategist

Matthew Mayer is a restaurant industry enthusiast that has been a part of the industry since his mid-teens. Matthew has held a variety of jobs in the industry ranging from DMO (dish-machine-operator) to general manager all the way up to a managing partner. Some of the notable brands he has worked for include Qdoba, Chipotle, Noodles and Co, Chilis, Mambo Italiano, and Creekside Cafe.

Matthew was driven to the restaurant tech arena after discovering his passion for problem-solving. Matt’s favorite thing about working in this space is the people. He feels so blessed to get to meet and work with such a large variety of both restaurants and people and is overjoyed every time he finds a way to solve a challenge or simplify a process. 

Today Matt works as Regional VP of sales for Compeat and is devoted to helping both his teams and the restaurants they support tackle big challenges and operate at their highest capacity.

Matthew Mayer
Regional VP of Sales

Industry Experts