Will Archer

Chief Technology Officer

Will Archer

As Chief Technology Officer, Will is responsible for Compeat’s Product and Platforms strategy and implementation. Leading the Product, Development and Technology teams, Will’s core focus is Customer Obsession and delivering a world-class solution to Compeat customers. He brings to Compeat extensive experience in Lean Product Management, Lean Development and Operational Excellence in which organizational processes are groomed for hyper-efficiency.

Prior to joining Compeat, Will combined his technical and business acumen, serving in various leadership roles at Dell and eBay where he was responsible for governance, business unit technical strategy and operations. Will was also instrumental in the creation and patenting of CMMS, a platform used in the higher education space and which drove revenue by more than 600% for companies serving Distance Education students. Will has also served as a technical and product advisor on multiple projects for organizations such as Harvard Business School Publishing, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and the global Online Computer Library Center. Will has also enjoyed being part of 6 startup organizations. Will is a certified software architect and has triple citizenship with South Africa, the United Kingdom and the US, where his ongoing learning included both technology and business programs.

Outside of work, Will is reading, traveling, kayaking, scuba diving, hiking or off-roading with his local Jeep club. As a member of the Big Life Foundation, Will is passionate about the reduction of poaching in Africa which is leading to the devastation of key species and requires all of us collectively to prevent.

Board of Directors

Kevin Frick

Paul A. Margolis

Mike Xenakis

Jon Cheek

Rob D’Ambrosia