Dzenana Gracanin

Director, Implementation

Dzenana Gracanin

Dzenana Gracanin is the Director, Implementation at Compeat. Dzenana integrates new customers and helps them implement Compeat solutions through custom course materials, guidelines and learning activities.

Dzenana started in the restaurant industry working with Online Ordering platforms trying to increase restaurant sales and integrate different ordering systems in order to provide a seamless customer order transmission. She transitioned to implementations working with a variety of payroll platforms and hr/benefit software solutions. Her experience and passion for implementation and process streamlining comes at a perfect time as Compeat’s growth continues to accelerate rapidly.

Dzenana holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the North Park University and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.

Dzenana enjoys spending time outdoors, practicing yoga and running, along with traveling with her family and friends. She is a dog lover and is always exploring new dog friendly restaurants and parks in Austin.

Board of Directors

Kevin Frick

Paul A. Margolis

Mike Xenakis

Jon Cheek

Peter Waller