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Our Culture

Service is at the core of everything we do and we back our solutions with exceptional teams dedicated to delivering personalized service for you. We know our customers by name and they know us by name. Our customers design our solutions and our priorities.

Our implementation and support teams are the best in the industry. We are made up of restaurant people and technology innovators. It’s our DNA. We are service people and we serve the service industry, isn’t that what it is all about?

Our Services

We offer full training, implementation and support for our customers with numerous add-on services to take the burden of payroll tax filing off your hands. You choose the level of training and the number of add-ons you need and we do the rest.

Here is a little about our what our Implementation and Support Teams do every day. Once a customer, you will meet them, know them and love them. Our customers are on a first name basis with us and that is just the way we like it.

Our Implementation Team

Rock Stars

Anytime a new or existing customers signs on for a new product, we assign a dedicated Implementation Specialist to ensure our customers are fully trained on each product and all necessary customer data is inputted into our products. It is important to us that our customers understand every feature and utilize all aspects of the product in order to reap the full benefits and return on investment.

Many of our customers have fallen in love with our Customized On-site Training option. Designed for the busy restaurateur who has no time to dedicate resources. With our Customized On-site Training, we come to you, one-on one, on-site and provide personalized guidance to help you get the most out of your investment. Our specialist complete an intense focus on evaluation of your current restaurant systems and operations and then recommend the best implementation plan, walking your team through the step by step process for full implementation.

Our Support Team

Specialist Gurus

Once Implementation is complete, you get to meet our Support Specialists. They are your go to contact for any and every challenge you may have as you use each Compeat product. They have an answer for everything and will not stop until every issue is resolved. They develop an intimate relationship with our customers. You will be greeted like an old friend every time you call. On our Tier 1 team, you might get Sean or Corey or any of our other Tier 1 Gurus that are there to take care of your needs. They may even follow up with a full documented email on tips to ensure you know what to do if it happens again or give you what you need to share it across your organization. If it is something a little more in depth, they will grab one of our Product Specialists to work with you further. Either way you will be in great hands. It’s a partnership with the intent to give you not only an accurate and quick resolution but knowledge for long term success.

Unlimited access to our Support Specialists (ASC) is available to our Subscription customers at no additional cost. If you are not currently a Subscription customer please reach out to to learn more about this service.

You will also have access to our support site where you will find hundreds of trouble shooting articles, videos and other great resources for all our self learning customers that just prefer to know how to solve a problem for themselves. We got you covered, no matter what.