Server pulled a No Call/No Show? Have ten sticky notes from staff requesting time off? Jane wants to switch a shift with Bob but you are worried about overtime? You have pulled a double, it’s 1am and you still need to do the schedule for next week? Employees clocking in early costing you dollars?

Meet Schedule.

  • Reduce labor costs by 3%
  • Create a schedule 75% faster
  • Communicate with employees in one click
  • Clock in compliance built in with POS
  • FREE Employee Schedule App and online portal

“We’ve eliminated all written and verbal schedule requests, and no longer need to post schedules in the stores. Now, with the myWorkforce employee portal, our employees easily view their schedules and make changes from their home computers or mobile devices. This has saved our management a lot of time and headaches!”
-Hideaway Pizza

Real Customers. Real Results.

Every Ingredient You Ever Wanted

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Simplify Your Schedule Process

Schedule, forecast, swap shifts, report and communicate smarter, faster and easier than ever with Compeat’s Schedule. Owners, corporate office, managers and employees love Compeat Schedule. The benefits are endless and features are overflowing. Create and access schedules from anywhere, manage all time off requests and communicate with your rock star team with one click of a button- text, email- anyway you want it. Advanced overtime warnings and Affordable Care Act guidelines are built-in intelligence, so you never have to think about them again.

Enjoy a full workforce management solution – enjoy Labor with Schedule, Labor with Payroll or Labor, Schedule and Payroll. Your choice. They all work together like a perfect soufflé. Admins, payroll managers and above store gurus will love it. Really want to wow them? Add Compeat Hire and and you have all your people management software seamlessly integrated. Applicants create their own employee record from the beginning. Once hired it magically feeds into Labor, Schedule, Payroll and even POS. One click- management euphoria.

Happy Managers = Happy Employees = Happy Customers= Happy Bottom Line.

  • Integrated advanced scheduler with overtime warnings and Affordable Care Act guidelines for part-time and full-time employees
  • Free myWorkforce employee portal for shift swaps, time off requests, pay stubs, W-2's, and 1095's
  • Employee and manager messaging center keep everyone up-to date
  • Integrated point-of-sale schedules for clock-in compliance and POS employee record creation and ongoing updates
  • Compare schedule vs. actual wages

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