Find yourself inputting payroll to your outsourced provider’s portal on your only day off? Bartender lost their paycheck stub? Lost track of employee shortfalls, leaving no funds for insurance payment? Tired of overpaying for substandard payroll services and feeling like you are doing all the work? Having to manually track multi-store and multi-job employees tip credits?

Meet Payroll.

  • Report labor distribution
  • Print checks anytime anywhere
  • Easily calculate how tips affect minimum wage calculations
  • Report wages from multi-departmental employees
  • Automatically handle tip credits, multi-store and multi-job employees

“Compeat Payroll makes it easy to do your own payroll.  It also interfaces seamlessly with Compeat Advantage.  With a direct poll from your POS payroll data or from Advantage Workforce, a few minor adjustments, the setup of new employees, and a quick review, your payroll is done! A few more clicks and your payroll liabilities are processed as well,”
-Johnny Garlics

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Simplify Your Payroll Process

It’s people’s pay. It’s their livelihood. It needs to be on time and it needs to be right. Restaurant payroll is complicated and no one does it better than us. We handle tip credits, multi-store and multi-job employees so you don’t have to worry. We automate the process for our customers with POS Polling, embedded federal, state and local labor laws and even direct deposit and payroll check printing. Worried about filing 940, 941, SUI/SUTA, 8027, W-2 and 1094/1095? We got you covered. Our software considers Affordable Care Act, tip and minimum wage analysis and employee shortfalls receivables. Compeat Payroll does it all-as far as we know we are the only restaurant focused payroll vendor. Believe us-it makes a difference.

Want to outsource all of your payroll needs? Ask us about our full outsourced partner, the best in the industry. Whatever your choice, we have your solution.


  • Drill-down payroll reporting down to check details, including payroll validation, 401(k), HR exports, and pay raise history
  • Electronic filing of 940, 941, SUI/SUTA, 8027, New Hires, W-2, and 1094-C
  • Affordable Care Act Applicable Large Employer Analysis
  • ACA New Hire Batches, ACA Ongoing Batches and 1095-C employee statements
  • Form 8846 data for employer tip credits on ER paid FICA/Medicare

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