Notes to next shift manager written wherever you can find room? Yesterday lost paper logbook, today massive spill allover logbook? Flipping through pages in the book to find the notes on lost credit card? Regional manager going store to store to flip through chicken scratch notes to find best practices? Surviving shift to shift in the weeds - right hand not knowing what left hand is doing?

Meet Logbook.

  • Keep every detail of each shift document
  • Full searchable database on any notes for any shift
  • Gain consistency and easily identify best practices
  • Visibility across all shifts and all locations
  • Digital shift management and communication tool for restaurant managers

Our cost of sales has improved by 3% since installing Compeat’s software. We love it—it streamlined our operations.
-Cooper's Hawk

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Simplify Your Logbook Process

Manage a shift like a boss. One central location to document every detail of every shift, in every location. Making sure manager shift changes go smoothly is essential to running a profitable restaurant. It is a manager logbook dream. There is vital information like lost customer credit card in safe, low inventory on key product and don’t forget the issue with the burner-vendor has been called. Pass it all along easily. So many features that make a manager’s life easier.

It is so much more than a logbook- it is more of a full workbook for anything a manager needs. Get the visibility, consistency and accountability you always wanted.

  • Digital shift management and communication tool for restaurant managers that captures sales, labor, and guest feedback, maintenance and repairs, tasks and more
  • Enter singular or recurring checklists, tasks, events, messages, staffing notes and log entries
  • Mobile optimized logbook application built specifically for restaurants
  • Increased productivity and profitability through the use of a digitized tool that provides restaurant level data and real time communication across the entire organization.
  • Provides insight through use of data to address location maintenance needs


Compeat has recently united with Restaurant365 to further transform how restaurants operate. Together, we offer the most complete restaurant management platform available.

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