Employee data everywhere but where you need it? Its 2am and you are worried about compliance with new labor laws? Are you sure your POS is telling you the full costs of labor? Modified server’s time clock in/out time and forgot to notify them? Reentering all employee time and tip data a second time to get it in payroll?

Meet Labor.

  • Single source for employee data- accessible anywhere
  • Calculate daily labor costs by automating labor and work rules
  • Create a payroll ready file
  • Run reports on labor and minimum wage analysis
  • Time & attendance that include federal, state, and local labor laws

“Kitchen labor used to be 5% higher than it should’ve been. Now, with Compeat Workforce: Labor and Schedule, it’s exactly where it’s projected to be.”
-Bardenay Restaurant

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Simplify Your Labor Process

Managing labor costs and ensuring you are compliant with all the relevant government agencies is essential to running a profitable restaurant. We have combined everything you need inside our Labor product. It starts with all your up-to-date employee records in one place- and that includes certifications and expirations dates. Then we interface with your POS system and pull time punches for time and attendance data. We automatically calculate all federal, state, jurisdictional rules to do a full wage calculation including multi-store overtime, spread of hours rules and make up pay for tip compliance reporting. Can the other guys do that for you? We didn’t think so. Looking to manage theoretical vs. actual labor costs? Combine Compeat Labor and Schedule for a dynamic duo.

  • Track all employee certifications, evaluations and pay raises
  • Overtime warnings, spread of hours, split shift and 24-hour work day rules
  • Multi-job and multi-store support
  • Consideration and tracking with tip polling and allocation
  • Minor, break and meal rules

Labor + Compeat Advantage: Match Made IN Heaven

Controlling prime costs just became as easy as apple pie with Compeat Advantage – Accounting and Inventory – plus Labor. Just ask our customers who use all three and learn how they reduced their costs by 5% or more. It’s a restaurateur’s dream. Inventory creates Accounting transactions. Accounting drills down to detailed Inventory transactions. Labor data feeds directly into Accounting. You don’t want one without the other.  All your data seamlessly integrated and in one common database. It just makes sense.



Compeat has recently united with Restaurant365 to further transform how restaurants operate. Together, we offer the most complete restaurant management platform available.

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