Doing inventory in the freezer with no WiFi? Trying to figure out your most profitable menu item? Dealing with paper purchase orders and reconciling them with accounting manually? Variance in theoretical vs. actual light years apart? Making one menu change and having to log into ten systems to update?

Meet Inventory.

  • Gain insights from custom financial reports
  • Better control costs by comparing theoretical vs. actual usage and cost variances
  • Plan future recipes and menu production
  • Change menu options with ease
  • Gain insights with menu engineering analysis

“We were able to gain control and improve efficiency in how we order, transfer, and track our products. Our Managers are now also able to directly compare theoretical inventory quantities to actual and identify exactly where variances are occurring”
-Sunshine Restaurant Corp (BWW)

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Simplify Your Inventory Process

The back office is where it all happens. It is where you control or don’t control food and beverage costs. Managing and forecasting F&B costs is one of the quintessential tasks of making a restaurant profitable. It can make or break a restaurant. Compeat Inventory does it all for you.  All fully integrated with Compeat Accounting- so you enter data only once.

Count inventory, assets and forecast alcohol and food costs. Manage your entire back office with Inventory Control, Recipe Analysis, Menu Costing, Vendor Management, and Actual vs. Theoretical inventory analytics. We do it all so you don’t have to.

Compeat Inventory works online and offline so go ahead and do inventory in the freezer with an iPad. Your inventory counts are fully integrated with your vendors. Press a button and create a purchase order. Easily drill down to actual versus theoretical inventory analytics. It’s all there for you and it is all fully integrated with Compeat Accounting, Pay-Full AP, Labor, and Schedule. What more could you want?

  • Suggested ordering and bid system
  • Prep production & portioning with prep to shelf life forecasting
  • Complete vendor integration lifecycle: order guides, purchase orders, invoice imports
  • Mobile inventory and bar code scanning
  • Drill-down actual vs. theoretical inventory analytics

The Compeat Advantage: Accounting and INVENTORY

Controlling prime costs just became as easy as apple pie with Compeat Advantage – Accounting and Inventory. Just ask our customers who use Accounting and Inventory together, it’s a restaurateur’s dream. Inventory creates Accounting transactions. Accounting drills down to detailed Inventory transactions. You don’t want one without the other. All your data seamlessly integrated and in one common database. It just makes sense.



Compeat has recently united with Restaurant365 to further transform how restaurants operate. Together, we offer the most complete restaurant management platform available.

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