Have no view of above the store trends? Mid-month and wanting to see trends on costs of goods? Corporate asking you to trim labor costs but have no data to actually see the problem? Logging in to ten systems to try to pull together data for business decisions? Trying to make bonus and can’t get daily or weekly trend data to know where you are?

Meet Intelligence.

  • Visibility to Hiring, Labor, Back Office data all in one place
  • Engaging dashboards, ad hoc reports and interactive data exploration
  • Identify trends and best practices to share across all locations
  • Know exactly where your revenue and costs are daily, weekly and monthly
  • Compare locations with above store reporting at your fingertips

“By using the Compeat reporting function in Advantage we are able to quickly generate reports based on our KPI’s which allows us to analyze data that helps monitor our financial goals,”

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Simplify Your Intelligence Process

See it all. Manage it all. Share it all. Business intelligence that summarizes all the details of your restaurant so you can keep an eye on the big picture. Get out of the weeds and take a look at your operations from a trend perspective, full costs analysis and potential fine tuning for greater profitability. Want to know how revenue is trending? Just click a button and run a report. Want to check how labor or food costs are trending mid-month compared to last month? Click a button and run a report. Compeat Intelligence gives your entire team everything they need to collaborate and create greater solutions for your restaurant.

Just like all of our products, Compeat Intelligence can pull data from other Compeat products so you never have to enter it twice. Visibility to all your data, at your fingertips. So go ahead analyze the past, assess the present and forecast the future.

  • Users can filter, sort and drill into areas that matter to them when it comes to making critical decisions
  • Enables business users to prepare, analyze and share data
  • Capable of ingesting, blending and enriching data from multiple sources
  • Use visualization tools to create custom graphical representation of data
  • Enjoy an intuitive easy to use interface

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