General ledger not exactly where it should be? Entering duplicate transactions in your inventory and accounting systems? Feeling like you have no control over your bottom line? Going into an audit with fear of the unknown? Manual accounting entries and corrections eating up hours of time?

Meet Accounting.

  • Gain key insight to control costs
  • Compare financials against budget
  • Make smarter financial decisions
  • Control your bottom line
  • Enjoy POS interface to the Daily Sales Report and G/L posting

“Basically we are just kicking ourselves for not doing this sooner, We have reduced costs by at least 5% so far with Compeat,”
-Daniel Island Grille Hospitality

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Simplify Your Accounting Process

It’s black and white or should we say black or red. The numbers have to be tracked and have to be balanced. With Compeat Accounting your general ledger will be more organized than ever. You will have control of your bottom line like never before. We built our Accounting solution specifically for restaurants taking into account every complicated detail of running a restaurant. Consolidated financials, G/L, Pay-Full A/P, P&L, Daily Sales Reporting, Vendor Management…the list goes on forever. You need a partner that understands restaurant accounting. Compeat Accounting provides total control and a perfect audit for your restaurant operations through central office finances.

Don’t forget Compeat Accounting is fully integrated with Compeat Inventory, Labor, Schedule and all other Compeat solutions. Compeat Accounting is the central hub where everything comes together and everything stays in perfect balance. It’s the core product that makes everything else work. Simplify your restaurant management with the Compeat Advantage.

  • Complete user audit trails and security
  • Go paperless with full scanning capabilities
  • Seamless inter-company capabilities with paymaster and consolidated reporting options
  • Convertible purchase order and invoice imports reducing data entry

The Compeat Advantage

Controlling prime costs just became as easy as apple pie with Compeat Advantage- Accounting, Inventory and Labor. Just ask our customers who use all three and learn how they reduced their costs by 5% or more.  It’s a restaurateur’s dream. Inventory creates Accounting transactions. Accounting drills down to detailed Inventory transactions. Labor data feeds directly into Accounting. You don’t want one without the other.  All your data seamlessly integrated and in one common database. It just makes sense.



Compeat has recently united with Restaurant365 to further transform how restaurants operate. Together, we offer the most complete restaurant management platform available.

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