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Do you want insight into your bump ticket times in order to make improvements? Dreaming of a way to forecast exactly how many employees you need on each particular shift in order to slash skyrocketing labor costs? Are you looking for a QSR restaurant management solution to simplify your life?

Meet Compeat's QSR Restaurant Management Software Solution.

  • Shift level profitability reporting
  • Insight into speed of drive thru service
  • Theoretical vs actual labor costs management
  • Visibility into KPIs for all locations on your mobile device
  • Business critical data at the tip of your fingertips allowing you to make decisions FAST

“The executive level dashboards save me so much time. I can view sales, labor, sales per person, promos, and more without pulling a POS report. It’s all right there in graphical format, showing me trends at a glance.”
-Golden Chick

Real Customers. Real Results.

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Simplify Your QSR Restaurant Management Process

Successful quick service restaurant management is a challenging job and at the end of the day speed and efficiency matter most. And when speed of service and your bottom line is the core of your business you need a restaurant management software that can help you make smart decisions fast so you can control your costs, increase profits, and deliver a fabulous guest experience.

Compeat has you covered. Our robust QSR restaurant management system was built with quick service restaurant operators like you in mind. Looking for the perfect combo to manage theoretical vs actual labor costs? We got you. Want to know how revenue is trending store by store? Just click a button and run a report. Want to reduce labor costs by 3% and schedule your team 75% faster? Easy, just give us a call.

Compeat gives your entire team everything they need to run your restaurant operations. You can see what is working and what is not in real time and make decisions as fast as you can bag up a large order of fries. Just ask our quick service customers we have been serving for years.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re serving up.

  • Managers can filter, sort and drill into areas that matter to them when it comes to making critical decisions
  • Enables QSR operators users to prepare, analyze and share data analytics
  • Fully integrated with over 80 Point of Sale systems
  • Enjoy over 200 operations and Point of Sale centric reports
  • Keep your managers on the floor and out of the back office with On The Fly™ mobile app


Compeat has recently united with Restaurant365 to further transform how restaurants operate. Together, we offer the most complete restaurant management platform available.

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