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Are you ready to take control of your cheese costs? Curious about your profitability per pizza type? Dreaming of being able to forecast exactly how much dough the kitchen needs to prep for each night based on trends? Are you looking for a pizza restaurant management solution to simplify your life?

Meet Compeat's Pizza Restaurant Management Software Solution.

  • Scales to meet your pizza operation specific needs with full visibility of multi-stores' performance
  • Engaging dashboards, reports, analytics, and alerts
  • Manage cheese and dairy costs and forecast prep dough needs with product and sales mix reports
  • Know your profitability by shift, by menu item and by location
  • Insight into actual vs. theoretical inventory costs

"It doesn’t report just sales, but sales vs labor, labor by position, comp sales over previous periods, over previous years. These are tools that the POS system was unable to package for us in a consolidated reporting package, but these strategic and tactical decisions are now easily attainable for us.”
-Fresh Brothers Pizza

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Simplify Your Pizza Restaurant Management Process

Pizza operators face some of the most challenging restaurant operation scenarios. With a variety of different customization possibilities how do you properly maintain and track your inventory? With online orders, in house dining, delivery, take out, and third party delivery, how do you schedule properly to keep labor costs in check?

Compeat has you covered. Our robust pizza restaurant software was built with restaurant operations like yours in mind.  Get out of the weeds and take a deep look at your operations. Want to know how revenue is trending store by store? Just click a button and run a report. Want to check how labor or food costs are trending mid-month compared to last month? Easy, we have you covered. Compeat gives your entire team everything they need to run your restaurant operations. You can see what is working and what is not in real time. You can even use key restaurant operations reports to identify fraud and improve your key performance metrics.

So go ahead analyze the past, assess the present and forecast the future.

  • Managers can filter, sort and drill into areas that matter to them when it comes to making critical decisions
  • Visability into KPIs for all locations on your mobile device
  • Fully integrated with over 80 Point of Sale systems
  • Enjoy over 200 Labor, Operations and Sales centric reports
  • Enjoy an intuitive easy to use interface


Compeat has recently united with Restaurant365 to further transform how restaurants operate. Together, we offer the most complete restaurant management platform available.

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