Mobile Apps

Want a birds eye view of above store trends from the palm of your hand? Need to get your managers out of the back office and onto the floor? Have ten sticky notes from employees requesting time off? Ready to send schedules to employees’ smart phone and give them the ability to add, drop, or swap shifts?

Meet On The Fly App

  • Keep your managers on the floor and out of the back office with On The Fly™ mobile app
  • Take inventory from the palm of your hand
  • Build and adjust schedules with ease
  • Communicate with your employees and enter notes in our digital manager Logbook
  • Monitor sales, labor and shift change data from anywhere

"Not only does the system digitize the process, it allows us to monitor labor in real-time. We have seen an immense amount of savings to our bottom line."
-Francesca's Restaurants

Meet Radar Schedules App

  • Build schedules that automatically alert you to overtime and penalty costs
  • Access advanced dashboards, reports and alerts that can be configured for your company’s needs
  • Maximize profits and minimize labor costs using forecasts to cut down on over and under scheduling
  • Delivery of posted schedules to employees’ smart phones, giving them the ability to request shift swaps and trades, to request time off, and to show availability
  • Monitor changes in labor costs or alerts such as overtime before accepting changes

“Scheduling was a nightmare before we adopted Radar Schedules (formerly Ctuit Schedules). Having the ability to do shift exchanges and time off requests through the app has saved us time and money. And the employees love it.”
-Spinato’s Pizzeria

Meet myWorkforce App

  • Reduce labor costs by 3%
  • Create a schedule 75% faster
  • Communicate with employees in one click
  • Clock in compliance built in with POS
  • Free Employee Schedule App and online portal

“We’ve eliminated all written and verbal schedule requests, and no longer need to post schedules in the stores. Now, with the myWorkforce employee portal, our employees easily view their schedules and make changes from their home computers or mobile devices. This has saved our management a lot of time and headaches!”
-Hideaway Pizza

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