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Does your menu change nightly and you are tired of changing it in 10 systems? Variance in theoretical vs. actual light years apart? Dealing with paper purchase orders and reconciling them with accounting manually? General ledger not exactly where it should be? Entering duplicate transactions in your inventory and accounting systems?

Meet Compeat's Fine Dining Restaurant Management Software Solution.

  • Enhanced prep and portioning modules for exact plate costs
  • Better control costs by comparing theoretical vs. actual usage and cost variances
  • Gain insights with menu engineering analysis
  • Visibility into KPIs for all locations on your mobile device
  • Business critical data at the tip of your fingertips allowing you to make decisions FAST

“All of our data is automatically polled over from our POS to Compeat. Once that data is in Compeat, we can drill down on virtually anything to quickly get the information we’re looking for. This is a huge time saver in our daily operations.”
-Commanders Palace

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Simplify Your Fine Dining Restaurant Management Process

Fine dining restaurants all bring a little something different to their dining experience but also all share a few common characteristics. With precise attention to detail, perfect execution, and exceptional service, every fine dining restaurant aims for a top-notch experience.

With that being said, managing the day-to-day back office logistics is extremely important in ensuring your operation runs smoothly and you’re profitable. But where you really want your managers is out from behind the computer and in front of your guests making sure they are satisfied.

Enter Compeat Restaurant Management Software. We take the back office work out of your managers’ hands and give your entire team everything they need to run your restaurant operations in the most efficient manner. You can see what is working and what is not in real time and make cost saving decisions fast.

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  • Managers can filter, sort and drill into areas that matter to them when it comes to making critical decisions
  • Enables casual dining operators users to prepare, analyze and share data analytics
  • Fully integrated with over 80 Point of Sale systems and ability to enjoy over 200 operation POS centric reports
  • Inventory your wine with bin management
  • Keep your managers on the floor and out of the back office with On The Fly™ mobile app


Compeat has recently united with Restaurant365 to further transform how restaurants operate. Together, we offer the most complete restaurant management platform available.

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