Hate writing checks? Giving your credit card number to vendors-ever thought of the security risk? Wish someone would take away the burden of paying bills?

Meet Compeat Pay.

  • Reduce your security risk through your free virtual credit card
  • Save hours per week, 100+ hours per year
  • Earn cash back simply by paying your bills
  • Or waive all checking processing fees for six months
  • Streamline and automate your payments

"Before Compeat pay, it would take me 2 - 3 hours to process checks, separate, stuff envelopes, and put a stamp on the envelope. Now that I have Compeat pay, I have gained 2 hours of time on Fridays. On top of that, we get credits to our accounts for vendors that are using the virtual payments. The team is great to work with and it was a breeze to set up."
-Blue Moon Pizza

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Simplify Your Compeat Pay Process

Managing a restaurant is hard enough without adding on repetitive activities like printing checks, stuffing envelopes, and following up with all your vendors.

Compeat Pay removes the burden of manually paying bills for restaurant operators through automated options including check, automated clearing house (ACH), and includes a built-in virtual credit card option. And our experts take care of it all!

Compeat Pay works hand in hand with Compeat Advantage making it seamless for our customers to simplify their entire payment process. It is a full service accounts payable system with no monthly fee.

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  • Checks: Compeat prints and mails checks the next business day for you using existing bank information on the checks so that all existing processes and bank reconciliations remain unchanged.
  • ACH: Compeat integrates with your bank to automate creation and delivery of ACH files using your bank account with no prefund required and without changing the current processes or bank reconciliations.
  • Virtual Credit Card: Compeat Advantage customers are issued a pre-approved, one-time use secure virtual credit card (VCC). Compeat works with your vendors to accept the VCC and then pays bills using the VCC.

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