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September 10, 2019

Automated Bill Pay a Boon for Restaurants

This article originally appeared on The Green Sheet Online Edition Compeat Inc., a provider of restaurant software and integrated business management solutions, added Compeat Pay to Compeat Advantage, its restaurant accounting platform. Designed to help restaurant owners and managers reduce costs and improve efficiencies, the … Continued


August 13, 2019

4 Ways to Achieve Profitability Without Disrupting Quality of Service

This article was written by Dori Salisbury, SVP of Operations at Compeat, for Restaurant Dive. If you have been struggling to improve your restaurant’s bottom line but don’t know exactly how to achieve that goal, it’s very possible that you … Continued


August 12, 2019

10 Ways to Reduce Employee Fraud

This article was written by Serena Greer, Customer Enablement Manager at Compeat, for Hospitality Technology.  If you feel that you are losing money or inventory and cannot figure out why, theft could be the issue.  According to the US Chamber of Commerce, … Continued


July 22, 2019

8 Ways to Attract Tourists to Your Restaurant

This article was written by Kristi Turner for Food Newsfeed According to a recent AAA Travel survey, nearly 100 million Americans – 4 in 10 U.S. adults – are planning to take a family vacation in 2019.  So, whether you … Continued


June 18, 2019

Are Restaurant Workers the Talent Market’s Best-Kept Secret?

This article was written by Kristi Turner for The US job market is the healthiest it has been in a generation, with the unemployment rate falling to its lowest point in 50 years. While this is great news for the … Continued


June 14, 2019

4 Ways to Transform into an Insights-Driven Enterprise

Written by Lisa Terry for Hospitality Magazine In the past, hospitality IT helped executives understand what had already taken place at  their business. Today, modern platforms, cloud-based services and tools such as APIs make it possible for operators to enjoy … Continued


May 30, 2019

Beyond syntax: How these 4 Austin tech companies live out their core values

This article was written by Kelly O’Halloran for Built in Austin No longer do core values simply hang on office walls while getting ignored by employees. Instead, core values have become a template of guiding principles at companies to encourage … Continued


May 23, 2019

Podcast: Restaurant Unstoppable on Compeat Restaurant Management Software

Eric Cacciatore of Restaurant Unstoppable sat down with Compeat CMO, Kristi Turner, to learn more about our products, the importance of looking at restaurant software holistically, and the future of restaurant software. You can listen to the entire podcast here … Continued


May 21, 2019

Podcast: Serving Up the Good Stuff!

Rusty Pepper, Host of the Why Marketing podcast, sat down to chat with Kristi Turner the CMO of Compeat about her impressive 27-year marketing career and what her team of SaaS marketers are ‘serving up’ for their customers of restaurant … Continued


May 17, 2019

Duffified Live: Compeat’s Kristi Turner

Chef Brian Duffy sat down with Compeat CMO, Kristi Turner, for the May 17th podcast for his show Duffified Live.  Duffy is perhaps most recognized from his abundant television appearances on the wildly popular Spike TV series Bar Rescue, where … Continued


May 15, 2019

8 Tips for Using Technology to Curb Food Waste

Written by Jeff Stone, CEO of Compeat for Hospitality Technology Restaurant food waste has been an increasingly hot topic due to global sustainability concerns. Food waste may take the form of spoiled inventory, nonadherence to recipes, trim waste, overproduction and … Continued


May 6, 2019

TECH’S NEW DOMAIN: Retail came first, but now the Domain has grown into a hub for tech companies

Written by Shonda Novak for the Austin Statesman Jennifer Simmons loves her work — and everything around it. She’s surrounded by no shortage of shopping, dining, bars and entertainment venues, all within walking distance of her office in the Domain, … Continued