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Want to eliminate the waste from over prepping or over ordering? Need to increase kitchen efficiency and increase control of your restaurant’s cost of goods sold? Want to increase accountability and insight into your kitchen management?

Meet Prep & Ordering.

  • Cut down on over-prepping and waste while improving kitchen efficiencies
  • Take the guesswork out of the equation to reduce mistakes
  • Minimize the human impact and decrease labor costs
  • Take forecasted usage into account for future orders.
  • Improve the efficiency and insight of your kitchen

"The Prep Module really helps us prep the right amount of food for the day and drastically cut down on waste.”
-Lori Nauert, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Mama Fu's Asian House

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Eliminate the overhead of over-prepping.

Once simply called ‘Prep’, this module now has additional tools under the Suggested Ordering tab. By determining how much of a product you use on average, these new tools can suggest how much you should order in the future.

The Prep & Ordering tools are used in conjunction with the GL SalesInventory, and Recipes tools to combine food inventory and projected sales data to automatically generate a list of the food items needed for the day to help keep the restaurant kitchen in order.

Increase kitchen efficiency and profit margins by minimizing waste caused by over-prepping. By auto-generating a list of prep items required to supply that day’s projected sales, Prep Sheets can help you to eliminate guesswork and minimize mistakes.

With Suggested Ordering, on hand figures, purchased amounts, theoretical usage, and waste amounts are compared with your delivery date to determine recommended ordering quantities. These figures can then be taken into account when making Vendor orders.

  • Automate your prep by taking inventory of your on-hand items on your mobile device and make revisions electronically
  • Tighter control on cost of goods by evaluating the daily reports
  • Cut down on over-prep and waste while improving kitchen efficiencies
  • View detailed information regarding predicted (or actual) usage per day per location
  • Increase organization and accountability by leveraging historic sales
  • Reduce training time for new employees through the use of a standardized process

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