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Producing High-Performance Teams

Contributed by Paul Dodd, SVP of Sales at Compeat  INPUT = OUTPUT.  It is just as simple as that; being aware that a business is only as good as its leaders.  Leaders that are only thinking of the “exit”, will … Continued


When Managing Restaurant Staff, Consistency is Key

You and each of your managers will have your own ways of interacting with employees on a day-to-day basis.  One manager may be the “fun” one, another is an “absentee” manager that is always in the back office, and you … Continued


A Budgeting Alternative to Build Smarter Managers

Every restaurant’s success is based on building a solid budget, and consistently operating at or below that set budget.  There are several common terms for the different levels of flexible or fixed budgets, below are a few examples: Sliding Ceiling: The … Continued


Applying Lean Six Sigma to the Restaurant Industry

Contributed by Will Archer, Chief Technology Officer  You most likely have heard about Lean Six Sigma methodology at some point in your career.  While the methods were originally designed for the manufacturing business, restauranteurs can greatly benefit from the methodologies … Continued


Managing Change and Inspiring Employee Buy-In

Contributed by: Kristin Aduna, Director of Customer Success at Compeat Restaurant Management Software Change is hard. Whether you are undergoing a menu change, leadership change, or a change to your systems you will most likely be met with some resistance. … Continued


Expanding Your Restaurant Business

Once your first location is profitable and running smoothly, you might begin to consider expanding your business into a second (or even third, fourth or fifth) location.  It is often assumed that additional locations will open and operate exactly like … Continued


Weighing In on Weighing In

Restaurant Management Software

When creating your menu, you (or someone in your company) took a lot of time and effort to dial in those recipes.  This goes far beyond tuning the tastes.  When creating a recipe, you take each ingredient’s availability, food cost, … Continued