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7 Reasons to Augment Your Menu for the Holidays


Written by Kristi Turner, CMO of Compeat for  Restaurant sales can be hard to predict around the holidays with so many factors contributing to growth or decline. Generally, holiday restaurant sales tend to mimic retails sales. If that is true … Continued


How To Beat The Post-Summer Slump And Get Motivated

Written by Laurence Bradford, Contributor for Forbes. Featuring Jeff Stone, CEO of Compeat Once we’re out of school and in the workforce, summer vacation is technically a thing of the past. However, summer still retains its connotation of fun and … Continued


Inspire Workplace Diversity & Inclusion with These 3 Tips

Written by Jeff Stone, CEO of Compeat for CEOWORLD Magazine Creating a more culturally and gender-diverse workplace has been proven by McKinsey, Gallup and numerous companies around the world to improve business success. Still, many struggle to overcome gaps in gender and ethnic diversity when it … Continued


How to Retain Employees Through Conscientious Scheduling

As we know, hiring and training employees is is not only time consuming – it’s expensive. While training costs will vary based on each sector of the hospitality industry and the size of the location,  The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell estimates … Continued