Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill Streamlines Operations and Reduces Costs with Compeat

Wood Ranch BBQ & GrillWood Ranch provides a distinctive, premium-casual dining experience by offering a reasonably priced, all-American menu featuring made-from-scratch signature items; a high energy, comfortable atmosphere; and friendly, attentive service. Wood Ranch features “The Food That Makes America Great!™” – a menu of award-winning, high quality, uniquely seasoned and cooked signature items such as: Premium American Baby Back Pork Ribs; St. Louis Ribs, Carolina Pulled Pork, Texas-Style Brisket, Certified Angus Beef™ steaks, prime rib, burgers and the unique Giant Short Rib; USDA Choice tri tip roasts; fresh fish and chicken. Developed and run by veteran restaurateurs Eric Anders and Ofer Shemtov, the original Wood Ranch opened in Moorpark, California in 1992. Since then, Eric and Ofer have opened additional restaurants in all across Southern California. 

Business Challenges

When the co-owners started out in 1992, the restaurant industry was known for its unappealing hours and low-to-mediocre wages. In order to attract the best employees, Wood Ranch made it a goal to pay all their employees well and give good benefits and give managers the opportunity to not work every weekend; doing away with the old standard 70 to 100-hour work week.

While the cost of conducting business continues to be driven up by increases in the cost of food, real estate, taxes, workers’ compensation, energy and minimum wage, the restaurant owners do not want to pass the additional overhead onto the customer.  They needed to be able to study their data in order to pinpoint areas in which they could reduce costs.

The Solution

In 2009, Wood Ranch turned to Compeat to streamline operations and reduce costs in their growing business.  They are currently using Compeat Advantage (Accounting & Inventory), Labor, Logbook, Intelligence, and the On The Fly mobile app in their 17 locations.

  • Advantage – To simplify processes, Advantage provides total control and a perfect audit of restaurant operations through accounts payable, bank reconciliation and financial reporting. It also takes care of restaurants’ back office and inventory needs, helping to control F&B costs by comparing actual vs. theoretical costs and usage, down to the recipe.
  • Labor – To manage labor costs and ensure workforce is compliant with all the relevant government agencies.
  • Logbook – To view key information in a centralized location, improve shift-to-shift communication and assign and track tasks.
  • Intelligence – To gain real-time business intelligence that summarizes all the financial details of the restaurant, enabling operators to step back and analyze the big picture.
  • On The Fly – To keep managers on the floor and out of the back office by giving them the power to run the restaurant from their mobile device.

The Results

Compeat software has made it possible for Wood Ranch to automate their accounts payable needs, allowing them to control their bottom line without manually pouring over every complicated detail involved in restaurant accounting. It has greatly reduced the number of hours spent entering data and allowed them to go almost paperless by integrating seamlessly with their vendors.

“Compeat software makes our jobs tremendously easier in a lot of ways,” says JP Mouren-Laurens, Controller of Wood Ranch Bar and Grill.  “We save an incredible amount of time and resource at both the restaurant level and in the corporate office.” Operators in all 17 of their stores can run their individual reports in order to monitor and improve their performance while the corporate office can move seamlessly from store to store to get either location distinct reporting or a bird’s eye view of overall performance, making it easy for all to research and investigate variances.

Mouren-Laurens also found Compeat’s commitment to customer service is very helpful. “The software that we used at my prior job made it very difficult to make changes,” he states. “Whereas Compeat is encouraging us to learn how to better use the software to fully take advantage of what is already available to us. The more tools you use, the more money you save so they encourage us to take advantage of what is already there.”

Mouren-Laurens attended his third annual customer user conference (CUC) in 2019.  He finds these meetings extremely useful to see how other operators are using the Compeat tools differently than they are. Also, he benefits from working directly with the Compeat experts on how to utilize the product better so he can go back to my teams to implement new strategies.

He was very impressed that these conferences are designed to be a “two-way street” and the Compeat team takes to time to learn how they can improve their offerings to better serve their customers.  “The team also listens to the needs of the customer,” continues Mouren-Laurens. “I appreciate that they are willing to make the investment in making changes that improve the products for the end-user. You can really see that in the upgrades and enhancements that were introduced in Advantage 2.0.”