How to Create Flexible Employee Scheduling for Restaurants

Ask most restaurant managers and they’ll tell you that creating employee schedules and managing the endless shift change requests and days off is very low on their list of things they enjoy most about their jobs, especially in these unprecedented times. Likewise, restaurant employees are facing new demands in this new world and may not be able to work the set schedule they worked pre-COVID.

Good news is there is a scheduling approach that is becoming more and more popular over the last few years and in particular the infamous year of 2020, flex-scheduling. This allows managers to define scheduling needs based on customer demand, while enabling employees to select, trade and fill shifts themselves. 

Even better news, Compeat’s restaurant scheduling software allows employers and employees to manage flexible scheduling in an effective and efficient way. Here are a few of our favorite features:

My Schedule:

Employees can pick up house shifts, trade, and communicate with other staff members through our restaurant scheduling app.

Restaurant Work Schedule Template

Managing Shifts:

Employees can ask for coverage, offer or trade their own shifts with other employees with the click of a button.

Employee Bulletin Board:

A simple view of important alerts from your manager, upcoming shifts and pending activity.

Restaurant staff scheduling and communication software

On The Fly App:

All shift pick ups and trades go through management for approval, so management still maintains control over who works certain shifts. It will also flag if picking up the shift will accrue OT or if the person has not worked in that position recently.

For more information about our restaurant workforce management software, click here.

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