Visit the Compeat Team at TDn2K Global Best Practices Conference

We serve those who serve others because we love the restaurant industry.  We are proud to support TDn2K and the enormous impact they are making on our industry.  Compeat is pleased to participate in the 2019 TDn2K Global Best Practices Conference that is being held on January 27-19, 2019 in Dallas, Texas.

For the past decade, conscious servant leadership that connects people, profits, and our planet has been a central focus of the Global Best Practices Conference. TDn2K research makes clear that the winning brands in both the workplace and the marketplace are those that are investing in their people as well as sustainable business practices. As uncertainty and chaos continue to rule the day and the implosion of institutional trust reaches a crest, they firmly believe that as business leaders we are beings presented with an opportunity to step up and lead.

This unique gathering is a chance to learn about powerhouse research, insights and best practices that focus on the key intersection of people and profits. It is our privilege to gather with some of the brightest authors, speakers, and industry trailblazers as they share their stories and their vision.

Check out a few simple, low cost ideas that you can implement today on your journey toward sustainable business practices.