US Foods’ Latest Product Launch is All About Off-Premises

This article was featured in FSR Magazine.

US Foods announced the launch of Fall Scoop 2020, titled “On Point With Off-Premise—Designed To Make It.” This special edition of Scoop features 14 products designed to address trends within off-premises dining such as labor-saving products perfect for DIY meal kits and products that will help ease diner safety and hygiene worries, including tamper-evident packaging and sanitation items.

“The restaurant environment has changed immensely with the surge in off-premise dining, and the ability for restaurant operators to adapt with creativity, labor savings and safety in mind is more important than ever,” says Stacey Kinkaid, vice president, product development and innovation, US Foods. “With Fall Scoop, we’ve designed a targeted lineup of products to help restaurant operators turn obstacles into opportunities and convert these latest trends into profits.”

DIY Meal Kits Made Easy

With more than 60 percent of diners interested in ordering a take-home DIY meal kit from restaurants, the Fall Scoop lineup provides a variety of preportioned, prepackaged ingredients ideal for creative takeout options in the form of DIY meal kits and offers operators labor savings, versatility and waste-reduction benefits.

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