Unhappy with your current outsourced payroll provider? Take a look at Compeat’s new strategic partner, Valiant Solutions, Inc. 

Many restaurants in the market today are dissatisfied with their outsourced payroll provider. In an effort to provide a more tightly integrated outsourced payroll option for its customers, Compeat has partnered with Valiant Solutions Inc.

 “We looked at many potential payroll outsource vendors. One of the reasons we chose Valiant was due to the fact that their software is specifically designed to serve the restaurant industry and their current customers raved about their performance,” said Hemant Challapally, VP, Strategy and Development for Compeat.

Over the next few months, Compeat’s Workforce and Accounting functionality will integrate with Valiant’s outsourced payroll system. This will give Compeat customers the benefit of seamless data consolidation between systems, saving customers time and money by providing better visibility into their business costs.

 “Valiant is thrilled to partner with Compeat,” said Anthony Petraco, Valiant CEO. “We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet many of Compeat’s customers at the 2016 CUC event and we’re excited to bring our world-class service and products to their businesses.”

Valiant’s outsourced payroll service is delivered via state of the art software, providing a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform. Valiant will address the complex challenges restaurants face managing their payroll, while maintaining compliance with government regulations.  Valiant is also staffed with restaurant industry specialists to provide timely, ongoing support as your business needs change.