Tip from the Compeat Team – Changing Recipes in Bulk

Compeat Radar User Question: My lettuce prices are going through the roof, so I’m going to start using a different type of lettuce on my burgers and wraps. Is there a way in Radar to change my recipes in bulk, or do I have to go into each recipe one by one?

Compeat Answer: You can leverage the Find and Replace Ingredients tool in Radar to update all the recipes at once. In Recipes > Tools, select Find and Replace Ingredients.

Type in the ingredient you wish to replace, and hit show, over on the right. All the recipes that use that ingredient will pop up. Check the boxes next to the recipes you wish to update. Then, in the Replace Ingredient box, type in the new ingredient you wish to use. If you’re changing the unit and amount used, enter those as well. Then, hit Save, and it will replace the old ingredient with the new ingredient within the selected recipes. 

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