The Compeat Advantage

One System, One Set of Numbers & One Data Entry Process
What separates Compeat Advantage from the rest of the pack of restaurant back office software providers is integrated accounting. One system, one set of numbers, and one data entry process from POS, through operations, and onto accounting. Compeat Advantage is the only End-to-End restaurant operations and accounting solution available today.

Compeat customers often best appreciate the benefits of a back office system with integrated accounting after they implement Compeat Advantage. They notice all of their operational and accounting information is in one common database and it is always in balance. No more waiting for financial reports after period end (they are available immediately). Their restaurant and financial system reporting also always match so now everyone is on the same page

“The over-arching benefit is a consistent approach to analyze both operational and financial performance from a single cloud hosted software system,” The Colony Grill
“We selected Compeat due to the very robust functionality and the added control provided by an integrated back office and accounting solution,” Morton’s Steakhouse
“Compeat is one of the only restaurant accounting products available that is fully integrated with back office, and with all of our POS systems,” Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen

Another benefit from an integrated, end-to-end system like Compeat Advantage is POS information is easily reconciled each day and flows directly to the General Ledger and Banking. Compeat Advantage’s Daily Sales Report (DSR) provides full sales reporting and cash reconciliation with special features for sales tax liability, house accounts, paid-outs, estimated credit card fees, tip tracking, and franchisee or management fees. POS information is captured, reported, reconciled and posted to the General Ledger and banking in one easy process with a complete audit trail.

“Everybody’s looking at the same reports and speaking the same language from POS through accounting. We are more creative and have more valuable conversations,” Larkburger
“We love our POS information polls directly into Compeat’s DSR and accounting, saving us time and improving efficiency. I don’t know how we did it before Compeat,” Torchy’s Tacos
“As the CFO, I love the flawless integration with our POS and the automatic updating of inventory cost changes from invoices into our recipe files,” Antoine’s

An integrated back office and accounting system will increase efficiency and reduce labor. An end-to-end system like Compeat Advantage reduces data entry requirements and makes auditing much easier. Data does not have to be captured or entered more than once. All operational and financial information is always in balance which usually is not the case when separate back office and accounting systems are utilized. Advantage also allows for drill down from a Profit and Loss statement to the operational source of the transactions — that is not possible with two different systems.

“It’s easy to absorb the accounting functions of our new restaurants without adding accounting staff because Compeat automates every step of the process.”Taste Buds Management
“We’ve reduced daily bookkeeping time by 25% allowing our accounting department more time to analyze financial performance and accurately project cash flow requirements,” The Colony Grill
“Compeat has made our accounting department more efficient, allowed us more time for other projects, and provided us with much more information,” Flagship Restaurant Group

An end-to-end solution like Compeat Advantage provides better data flow, improved timeliness, and increased insight. In a recent customer survey, 84% of Compeat’s respondents reported better unification of their POS, Back Office and Accounting information. 82% reported better timeliness of reporting and 81% reported better insight into their operations.

“Compeat allows us to fully understand our business on a daily basis and has significantly streamlined our inventory, purchasing, accounting and reporting functions,” Urban Plates
“We know where every penny is spent or wasted, enabling us to know all about the inventory and financial aspects of our company. Cost of sales has improved by 4%,” Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant
“With Compeat, I can ask any manager at any time to look at a P&L and pull out details of any category. I can obtain the info I need in a fast and efficient manner,” Nick’s Pizza and Pub

Financials Always in Balance, Efficiency Improved with Timely Reporting
In summary, the benefits of an integrated back office and accounting system may not always be obvious upfront, but as verified above, they are substantial. What Compeat Advantage can do that its competitors cannot:

  • Ensure Operational & Financial Data is Always in Balance
  • Reconcile & Post POS Info (In Balance) to the GL
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Entry in a Financial System
  • Improve the Timeliness of Financial Reporting
  • Improve Audit Capability
  • Reduce Administrative Requirements

The majority of leads Compeat receives are from existing customers, proving customers are raving fans. Get the Compeat Advantage.