Sweetgreen Debuts Digital-Only Menu

This article was written by Sam Oches with QSR Magazine

Sweetgreen unveiled a new online-only platform that presents customers with a curated set of menu options that satisfy a variety of demands.

The new Collections platform offers guests a list of menu categories designed to better steer their purchasing decisions when ordering online or through Sweetgreen’s app. Lists will be added and adapted based on seasonal items and availability, and will eventually include menu recommendations unique to each user.  

“Collections is a way for us to really think about all the different need states and about our customers, and offer them a broader set of options they can select from that is more customized for them,” says Nicolas Jammet, cofounder and chief concept officer at Sweetgreen.

The Collections platform is the result of listening to customers and creating a more optimal experience based on their preferences, Jammet adds. For example, there are lists of dairy-free menu options and items with more seasonal ingredients. He says company research shows that 37 percent of Sweetgreen have dietary restrictions, while 73 percent say they are interested in finding new ways to incorporate seasonal ingredients.

Collections will be the first thing customers see in the brand’s native app—“Almost like a digital billboard,” Jammet says—and while it’s been under development for about two years, he says it’s become even more critical of a tool during the pandemic, now that the vast majority of orders are being placed digitally.

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