How to streamline your alcohol purchases by Compeat’s strategic partner, Fintech

Guest Blogger: Emily Carbone with Fintech

These days serving alcohol is a big part of what’s expected by restaurant patrons. Whether it’s coming in for a beer after work or getting together with friends for a nice dinner – the alcohol options behind the bar matter and are a critical piece of your profits as a restaurant operator.

Unfortunately the hardest part about maintaining your alcohol inventory is purchasing your products and many restaurateurs don’t realize there are simpler, more streamlined ways to restock inventory, pay invoices, and ensure they’re getting the best price for their products.

Aside from the burden of ensuring invoices are paid on time and according to your state alcohol regulations, restaurateurs often deal with numerous complications with alcohol purchases including:

  • taking time away from patrons to manually write checks for delivery
  • maintaining hefty escrow accounts that take away dollars from your operating budget
  • being placed on the state blacklist for late or non-payment
  • missing valuable credits and navigating problematic reconciliation processes

There are several ways to combat these problems, but the most immediate solution is to start automating purchases with electronic payments. Solutions like industry leader, Fintech, streamline your beverage alcohol business and increase your operational efficiency by solving restaurant operational difficulties such as:

  • electronic payment of alcohol invoices with ALL your distributors on time and in compliance with state liquor laws
  • eliminating the need for cash and checks
  • putting escrow and pre-paid funds back into your operating account
  • seamless interface with your Compeat system to import your invoices/credits in line item detail
  • allowing you to spend more time with your customers instead of with the delivery man

Electronic payment also alleviates several manual processes that restaurants face on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, such as inventory control, restaurant accounting, and cost analysis.

Through Fintech’s partnership with Compeat, users are entitled to a FREE 30 day trial and exclusive pricing of this OneSource® solution for your alcohol purchases.