Pre-Hire Assessment Length: How Long is Too Long?

With the current unemployment rate at 3.6 percent, every qualified candidate counts. The ability to identify, attract, and retain talent is imperative to the long-term success and welfare of an organization – more so now than ever. 

As hiring experts, we often hear “The test feels too long” or “Candidates aren’t going to complete a 30 – or even 20 – minute assessment.” We understand this perception, but data shows candidates applying for positions with higher levels of responsibility, experience, and educational requirements can complete assessments that run up to 45 minutes without feeling frustrated or running the risk of dropout. The question to ask yourself is: If I am hiring for a Director of Operations, or even a floor manager position, do I really want to hire someone who isn’t willing to sit down and put in the time to take a 15 or 20 minute job-related assessment?

Here’s another way to think about it. Recall the most important decision you made in the past year, whether it was choosing which school to attend, where to move, or which car to purchase. Chances are, it took you a lot longer than 30 minutes to make that decision. Our own personal career decisions are among the most important choices we make for our well-being and leading a life we perceive as meaningful. From your perspective as a decision-maker, including an assessment that may take 30 minutes for a candidate saves time by streamlining your decision-making process – ensuring you have practical and relevant information to screen candidates and support the success of new hires.

With the labor market as tight as it is, there’s nothing more imperative to your success than getting the right people in the door and keeping them. Committing to that extra bit of time can make all the difference in selecting a quality hire.

Nevertheless, we understand concerns about pre-hire assessment length and the risk of losing candidates. Here’s how we ensure you don’t lose qualified candidates to an assessment.


We continually monitor assessment completion rates and time to complete for our Customers. Completion rates for our assessments exceed 90%. Our research, and that in the pre-hire assessment field, shows the majority of abandonment occurs as soon as the candidate sees the assessment. Chances are, a candidate who is unwilling to put in 10-15 minutes to complete an assessment for an entry-level position is not someone you want working for you or representing your brand. Additionally, assessments for entry-level positions can run as long as 20-25 minutes before running the risk of dropout – and up to 45 minutes for management and executive-level positions. Furthermore, as candidates continue through the assessment process, they become increasingly invested in finishing, reducing the likelihood of attrition. We also let your candidates know how long the assessment will take – and illustrate their progress with a tracking bar on the top of every screen – building a positive experience.

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