One of our coolest customers, Eureka! Restaurant Group, chats about operations, expansion and Compeat Advantage

We were so excited to catch up with one of our favorite customers, Eureka! Restaurant Group, at this year’s Users’ Conference.

Eureka! is defined as expressing delight on finding, discovering, or solving something. Those that truly appreciate great food, craft beer, and artisan liquor are discovering a better restaurant experience and Eureka! has been elevating it to an art form since 2009 when they first opened their doors in Hawthorne, CA. Today Eureka! Discovery American Crafts has 21 locations throughout the United States.

Compeat’s Chief Growth Officer, Bill Lindsey, sat down with Eureka! Restaurant Group’s Controller, Jeanelle Arias to chat with her about her experience with Compeat. Jeanelle was hired in the spring of 2014 to take Eureka! off of a third party bookkeeping company and bring accounting in house. Previous to Eureka! Jeanelle had used Great Plains for accounting.

Jeanelle: “Originally when I was looking for a new product for Eureka I thought…I know Great Plains I’m going to use that and then I’m going to integrate the data from Ctuit. Then through a referral we heard about Compeat and that’s when we contacted you.”

Eureka! implemented Compeat Advantage, Accounting, Inventory and Back Office, in March of 2014 and right away things started to improve.

Jeanelle: “Compeat makes our lives much easier. There is no integration between one platform and another. Accounting and inventory just talk to each other. People ask me ‘what do you like about Compeat?’  We always say it’s because you can drill down on everything. On the accounting side it’s almost like QuickBooks where you can click on something and you can see where things came from. But Compeat is better because you can scan invoices and documents….anything really. We upload DSRs etc and you click on it and you get the full image. That’s the beauty of the software.”

Bill: “Since you’ve implemented Compeat  – have you seen a change, moved the needle, seen some savings in the way of dollars and maybe even time?”

Jeanelle: “In our organization we live and breathe the controllable cost of goods report. We do inventory every week…even though operators hate doing it every week! By all of those safety guard rails we’re able to make faster changes. Corrections in inventory, the counts – whatever it is and we’re seeing the benefits of it.”

Bill: “What about recipes and theoretical costing? About how much margin do you manage within?”

Jeanelle: “After we hired the inventory manager, who happens to be an expert at Compeat, our theoretical vs. actual can be as low as .01%. If we see it above 1% we know we have to do something.”

Bill and Jeanelle then chatted about the Compeat interface with their primary food supplier Sysco and major vendors such as Fresh Point, Fintech, and Sir Speedy.

Bill:  “Overall – would you recommend Compeat?”

Jeanelle: “Definitely, definitely it makes things much easier in the back office. In the inventory operations – we have real time data – that’s what operations always want. We love Compeat!”

And we love Eureka! and all of our customers. There is nothing more exciting for us to see our customers succeed and know we helped them be as profitable as possible. Eureka! has exciting plans for growth including 2017 openings in Las Vegas, NV and San Diego, CA. Congratulations Eureka!


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