New Year, New and Improved Labor + Schedule Solution and Software Design Insights from our very own Chief Technology Officer, Will Archer

Compeat’s product development peeps certainly had a busy 2016 and there is no stopping them now as we head into what’s set to be the most exciting year yet for Compeat product releases and enhancements. Compeat’s Chief Technology Officer, Will Archer, provides thought leadership insights on well-designed software and gives you a peak into the new and improved Workforce, our Labor and Schedule solutions working together.

Will Archer gives a great perspective on how well designed software serves our customers.

“Good restaurant management software keeps you compliant when laws are constantly changing, gives you insights into problems so you can address them and helps you understand where there is room for improvement,” commented CTO, Will Archer.

“Great software takes those same concepts further. It is intuitive and easy to use. It is available on the devices and browsers your restaurant managers prefer. Great software helps you drive new revenue, serve your customers better and makes your life easier. Most importantly, great restaurant management software will free your managers from their desks so they can spend their time where it counts – supporting their team members and on the floor serving their guests,” continued Will Archer.

“Compeat is planning multiple software releases in 2017 that will move our entire software suite from good to great. We are improving the quality of our software and focusing intently on ease of use,” added Archer.

One of our first releases of 2017, includes improvements to Compeat’s Workforce, our Labor and Schedule solutions. Below are just a few reasons why restaurant managers and above store operators are giving it a 97% satisfaction rating.

“We know restaurant managers and operators because we were them. Hitting same-store-sales, beating food cost, reducing labor costs… we know that can impact your bonus. You can focus on making your guests and employees happy, we make sure the numbers give you what you need to manage the most profitable restaurant possible,” says Compeat Senior Product Manager for Labor and Schedule, Chris Albino.

Why restaurant managers love Compeat Labor and Schedule together:

• Compeat Schedule makes our scheduling life easier with the ability to create schedules from any tablet, desktop, and browser. Use Stations, Smart Assign, Clone Shifts to create schedules more rapidly and accurately than you could before with other software or Excel.

• Need to know when your employee is scheduled in another store or department? Schedule will tell you that so you don’t double schedule an employee.

• Want to get your events created ahead of time so that you’re prepared when making the schedule? Use Events to create your wedding parties, banquets, holiday parties, and know about them when making your schedule while adjusting your sales projections.

• Schedule will warn or restrict you from scheduling employees into overtime, or when you are scheduling a part-time employee into full-time status. It also lets you know if your labor costs will increase when two employees swap shifts resulting in penalties or overtime.

• Need help enforcing clock-in/out times? When you publish a schedule, we can send that to the point-of-sale so your employees are not clocking in ahead of their scheduled shift.

Why above-store restaurant operators love Compeat Labor and Schedule together:

• It’s not just a scheduling software, it’s a full-featured labor management system with federal, state, and local labor law compliance. With the ability to enforce meals and breaks, avoid split shift and spread of hours’ penalties, Labor does all the work and produces a payroll-ready file.

•Compeat’s Labor and Schedule are designed specifically for restaurants, including features like tip compliance and watching employees who are making less than minimum wage. Compeat’s software provides you the analysis before payroll is processed.

• Have a common paymaster? Labor specializes in multi-location and multi-job support, so you can consider all stores worked when it comes to overtime calculations.

• Your payroll data is automatically sent to Compeat Payroll or our strategic outsourced payroll partner, Valiant. You can also export data to ADP, Paychex, or other 3rd party providers.

We hope that you are as excited as we are for the year ahead. To learn more about the new and improved Workforce solution, join us for one of our Webinars or contact us at [email protected]. Happy New Year from all the Compeat Peeps!