National Restaurant Association Report: Pandemic has Forced 100,000 Restaurant Closures in Six Months

This article was written by Nancy Luna with NRN.

The restaurant industry has experienced 100,000 closures tied to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the latest survey by the National Restaurant Association.

The trade group has been surveying its members since the pandemic began. In a report released Monday, the association asked operators about the six-month impact of the pandemic on their restaurants. When asked about closures, the NRA called the latest findings “startling” as the organization pegs closures, both permanent and longterm, tied to the pandemic at 100,000 restaurants. That’s one in six restaurants. 

Some 40% of operators also said that ”it is unlikely their restaurant will still be in business six months from now if there are no additional relief packages from the federal government,” according to the report.

As such, the trade group sent a letter to Congress and the Trump Administration on Monday asking government leaders for more relief as funds tied to previous federal support programs have dried up. They described a bleak outlook for restaurants. 

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