Are You Making Smart Alcohol Purchases for Your Restaurant?

Guest Blogger: Emily Carbone, Fintech

With a business to run, it’s hard to find time to compare your beverage alcohol invoices for potential savings. Aside from asking your alcohol distributors for their price list and split case reports, accurate purchasing insight can be difficult to come by, leading to lost discounts. Thankfully, Compeat partner and industry leading alcohol purchase data solution Fintech can give you critical line item visibility into your purchase habits.

How can you benefit from this partnership? By using Fintech InfoSource™, which  provides users with customized reporting to take the guess work out of alcohol purchase data with three reports that are essential to improving purchasing habits.

Price Discrepancy reporting

  • Compares purchase price of the same product from the same distributor over the past 30 days for all of your locations
  • Highlights when one of your locations has paid more than another for like buys, comparing bottle vs. bottle, case vs. case

Split Case reporting

  • 60 day view into past purchase history
  • Identifies purchasing opportunities on high volume products that eliminate split case fees, protect your discounts, and save you money

Top 20 Products reporting

  • 30 day view of the top 20 products purchased by quantity
  • Allows comparison of average price per location by product
  • Identifies top purchasing location, by product
  • Easy view into top selling products for menu/brand compliance

Accurate alcohol data is an important piece of the puzzle for any restaurant and provides restaurant operators with the opportunity to lower costs and increase profitability – increasing the success of their business. That’s smart spending! Check out this case study to read how Interstate Hotels and Resorts are spending smart with Fintech.

Through Fintech’s partnership with Compeat, users are entitled to a FREE 30 day trial and exclusive pricing of this OneSource® solution for your alcohol purchases.

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