Little Pub Company Improves Costs and Saves Time with Compeat and Dinerware Integration

Little Pub Company is a family owned restaurant management company that started in 1994 in Colorado. Little Pub currently owns and manages 26 different concepts in the Denver area. Little Pub installed Compeat Advantage to manage inventory and accounting for all of its locations
in 2014. Little Pub also utilizes DinerWare for their POS system. Little Pub’s Controller, Nita Palone, describes their experience with DinerWare and Compeat.

Q. You are using two restaurant systems – Dinerware for POS and Compeat for back office and accounting. How is that working out for you?

Nita Palone: The integration is currently working out great. We are able to get really valuable information out of DinerWare and into Compeat.

Q.Are you getting all the information you need from your DinerWare POS system into Compeat? Are you experiencing reliabile communication?

NP: Yes, the information polls over properly and there have been few issues. If I ever have a question I am able to call Compeat’s Polling Project Manager and he is great at answering my questions and assisting me.

Q.What did you do prior to Compeat for back office and accounting and what did you like or dislike about it?

NP: For inventory/invoicing and sales we used QSR Online, which is a fairly good back office inventory system. However, their model was more for companies that have the same menus at all
locations. We needed something that would be more flexible since each of our locations has a different menu. We made their system work for a few years because they were willing to work with
us, but in the end, we weren’t ever able to come up with a true theoretical cost. For accounting we used QuickBooks Enterprise edition – very easy to use and worked well – but also not very secure. We really wanted a system that had better controls and audit trails. We like that we’re not having to import and export files to our financial software all the time now and most everything is integrated.

Q. Since implementing Compeat, have you reduced your food, beverage, or labor costs?

NP: Beer costs have improved by 1% since we started using all the capabilities of Compeat. It took us a little bit of time to put all of our food items in Compeat since each of our 26 locations
has different menu items. But since we’ve been fully integrated we’ve already seen a .5% improvement in food costs in just a few months time.

Q.Has Compeat allowed you to save time in your daily
accounting operations?

NP: Yes, we have definitely saved time with bank reconciliations
since we started importing files in Compeat. It used to take us 2-3
days at month end to reconcile the statements manually and now
this process takes about a half a day.

Q. Are there any other benefits you have gained from using Compeat?

NP: Our managers really enjoy using Compeat Mobile. Mobile
allows them to rapidly record on-hand inventory and then store
the counts in our Compeat database through a handheld device
rather than pen and paper.