Leaders with Heart Don’t Take Their Own Leadership for Granted

Kristi Turner, CMO
“At the end of the day, the customers will never love a company until the employees love the company first.” -Kristi Turner, CMO

Compeat CMO, Kristi Turner, sat down with Heather R. Younger, J.D., Founder, Customer Fanatix, LLC, for a podcast called  “Leaders with Heart Don’t Take Their Own Leadership for Granted.”  In the interview, Kristi shares some of the powerful insights that she has gained over the years as she worked her way up from the bottom into leadership.

Kristi sums up how she held strong to her beliefs stayed true to her values while learning valuable lessons from both the best leaders and the worst leaders along the way.  Here are just a few of the valuable insights Kristi shares in the podcast that restaurant operators and managers can use in their own leadership journey.

  • Lead with authenticity, transparency, and humility. The way we present ourselves and the way that we speak in internal communications has a huge influence on the culture. As leaders, people are watching us from afar all the time; gaging what kind of leaders we are. How are you behaving in front of your troops?
  • Happy employees = happy customers = happy bottom line. At the end of the day, the customers will never love a company until the employees love the company first. Happy employees and happy customers are driven by personal relationships, trust, and feeling valued.  It is never just about the product or about the price or about the salary that you are paying an employee.  It’s the way that you treat your employees or the way that you treat your customers that really drives bottom line success. Nine times out of ten it comes down to Do I trust this company? Do I trust the leadership? Do I want to become part of this community?
  • The best leaders inspire. They fight for doing the right thing for a customer or an employee because they truly care.  They push you hard to do better and better while also convincing you that you could do better and better.  The result of that is a loyal following, with lower employee turnover and lower customer churn resulting in greater customer revenue.
  • Treat each other with respect, while still respecting the differences. It is important to give constructive feedback, create a sense of urgency in a situation, and have high expectations; but do it in a collaborative way. Create a relationship with team members so that they want to go beyond the call of duty.  They’ll want to work hard for the company because their heart is in it.
  • Remember that we all make mistakes. We need to show our team that we made a mistake and now we are going to correct it.  Learn from failure and use it as a change agent.  Employees respect transparency and honesty. You can bring them in and let them know that there is a problem and you want them to be part of the solution. If you have a customer service issue, or financial problem or competitive attack you want the employees to know it.  You want them to think with you for solutions.
  • The impact you can have as a leader is just epic. You have an opportunity to create a great place to work. Challenge your own self growth both intellectually and spiritually.  Showing up in every moment with a powerful blend of authenticity, humility, self-confidence will create this tsunami of power that ignites good in the world and everybody around you.  That’s what makes great leaders!

Listen to the full podcast here.