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We’re Hard at Work for You – The Latest Product Improvements

Great news! To help support and gather better data in the Advantage VMS process, new audit log entries have been added. Once an invoice is imported in Advantage the new entry explains what template was used, the invoices created, what PO was used if there was one, and the document type of the invoice. Check it out:


For any of our Advantage customers who are not enjoying the exceptional benefits of Vendor Management Solutions click here and we’ll tell you more.

Webinar August 12th at 1:00 PM CT: Actionable Ways to Reduce Costs in your Operation

Restaurants are in a Profitability Crunch and Joining a GPO can Help…

Operators are suddenly being asked to purchase a whole slew of new protection and sanitation products, plus add cleaning staff AND an increasingly large portion of their margins are being given to 3rd party delivery companies. It is time for Cost Control! Group Purchasing Organizations offer simple solutions for adding cash back to a restaurant’s bottom line through rebate programs, produce programs and all kinds of technology offerings.

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Alternative Operation Strategies

Don’t Let your Menu go to the “Dogs”

Did you know diners spend an average of only 109 seconds looking at your menu? That’s because, on average, 80% of a restaurants’ food sales come from only 20% of menu items. With the restaurant industry navigating through the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, it is more critical now than ever before to understand which menu items are the most profitable and where to place them on your menu in order to positively impact your bottom line…

New Logan’s Roadhouse Owner Breathes Life Back into Company

Restructuring a brand out of bankruptcy presents its own set of obstacles. Mix in a global pandemic that’s pounded the industry, and the road to recovery becomes even trickier. That’s the set of circumstances surrounding SPB Hospitality, the new owner of Logan’s Roadhouse, Old Chicago, and several brewery restaurants. Former owner Craftworks Holdings declared bankruptcy in March on behalf of its 261 company-run units, and saw its proceedings hampered by the COVID pandemic…

Portillo’s Plans to Create Own Delivery Team

Portillo’s Hot Dogs LLC, parent to the 62-unit fast-casual sandwich chain, will be launching its own in-house delivery program, the company said Monday. The Oak Brook, Ill.-based operator said it plans to hire several hundred drivers, including some from within its current employee ranks, to provide delivery that will complement existing relationships with third-party DoorDash and Uber Eats. “Delivery is here to stay,” said Dino Northway, Portillo’s senior manager of off-premise dining, in an interview Monday. “Self-delivery allows us to be part of the experience from start to finish, which can…

Restaurant Industry Insights


Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group to Bring Back Tipping

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Black Box Intelligence Restaurant Survey on the State of the Industry

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Reopen – A Documentary Releasing July 28th

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Restaurants Doing Good 

Dominos Partners with Supplier WestRock for Box Recycling Effort 

Domino’s Pizza Inc. is partnering with its primary box supplier in an effort to increase cardboard recycling, the company said Monday. The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based pizza company said the “Don’t Trash the Box” program, was created with its box supplier, WestRock, and includes a website with recycling information and a guide for customers in communities that might not accept pizza cardboard for recycling…

Starbird Chicken is Thriving Despite the Pandemic

Aaron Noveshen, who started The Culinary Edge, a food and beverage consulting firm dedicated to innovation, put his ideas into practice when he launched Starbird Chicken, fast-food eateries devoted to fried chicken sandwiches, in 2016. Despite the pandemic and closing indoor dining, Starbird Chicken has seen its revenue spike and is growing. Noveshen, who is based in San Francisco and serves as Starbird’s CEO, has been innovative about employing different strategies to expand Starbird Chicken…


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