Latest Industry News Regarding COVID-19 – Week of June 1st

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Given the intense impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on our industry, we want to let you know that Compeat is committed to doing everything we can to help you stay informed.

We have aggregated industry data, tips and strategies in one place for you here and are providing our weekly newsletter below that also includes Compeat updates. We are here to help restaurants not only survive COVID-19 but prepare to thrive post COVID-19.

Compeat Updates

Compeat customer data update: May brings another month of growth for restaurant sales

May brings continued growth for restaurant sales across the country as the recovery continues. The month of May gave us two nice growth spikes with 20% week over week growth the week of May 10th and 15% week over week growth the week of May 24th among Compeat restaurants that have stayed open. Our open restaurant locations are now down to a -40% for year over year same store sales, which is a significant improvement compared to the -69% year over year for open locations we saw at the end of March.

Compeat Coffee Chats – Advantage and Radar

As a result of the current COVID-19 crisis we know many of our customers are taking over responsibilities of other employees and may be unsure on how to do certain tasks in Compeat software. We also know all of our customers are craving a platform to discuss best practices and alternative operating strategies like some of the ones we’ve featured in this newsletter. If you’re a Compeat customers, sign up for the product webinar you use today. Space is limited!

Advantage - June 16th at 10:00 CT

Radar - June 16th at 11:30 CT

Alternative Operation Strategies

How operators are pivoting to focus on to-go meals

One of the most important lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic that has rocked the restaurant industry for more than two months is that off-premise is the key to survival. But if you’re not a delivery-focused concept and your restaurants are more about in-store experience than filling takeout bags, how do you pivot?

Is now the time to negotiate your lease terms with your landlord?

Across the county, the coronavirus has shuttered countless restaurants or temporarily disabled others. For other restaurants, it’s a time to financially pivot to get a foothold on a healthy financial future. You don’t have to be a financial ninja, but there are a few things you can do now to help your restaurant survive in a post-quarantine world…

Jon Taffer launches Taffer’s Tavern, a safe dining system

Taffer’s Tavern, the innovative restaurant concept created by award-winning hospitality expert and world-renowned business consultant Jon Taffer, was developed to be the safest franchise brand in history, long before the coronavirus pandemic. In order to alleviate concerns from patrons who require a safer dining environment, Taffer launched Taffer’s Safe Dining System…


Restaurant Industry Tips & Data


Senate Passes Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act Extension

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COVID-19 and the Restaurant Industry – What the Data Shows

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When Lockdowns End, Which Restaurant Changes will Remain?

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Restaurants Scramble to Navigate Delivery as Curfews Continue

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Restaurants Doing Good 

O’Charley’s ‘Hometown Heroes’ initiative serves thousands of meals

O’Charley’s Restaurant + Bar, the classic American restaurant with locations across 17 states, has wrapped up the first round of its Hometown Heroes initiative and will expand the scope of this important giving back project through the summer. Hometown Heroes was created to show appreciation for the men and women we depend on to keep us safe through their personal sacrifice…

Texas Restaurant Association expands fund to include vandalism damage 

The Texas Restaurant Association is expanding its TX Restaurant Relief Fund, originally tasked with raising money to help operators cope with coronavirus pandemic issues, to include independent restaurants damaged by vandalism connected to this past weekend’s protests. While nighttime curfews were extended in such Texas cities as Dallas and San Antonio…

Restaurants face turmoil during political unrest, but show support


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