It’s Our Turn to Serve You

“We say the WHAT we do, we sometimes say HOW we do it, but we rarely say WHY we do WHAT we do.” – Simon Sinek

Contributed by Kristi Turner, CMO

At Compeat, our passion and love for the restaurant industry is our “why” we do what we do. Over 80% of our employees have served in the restaurant industry. We have been hostesses, waiters, bartenders, trainers, managers, GMs, investors and owners. We know what it takes to run a restaurant and we know how hard it is to make a restaurant profitable. It drives everything we do every day; from how we design our products, how we serve our customers, and how build our culture.

As CMO, my job is telling the world Compeat’s story so that customers, prospects, partners, and team members understand what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. As Simon Sinek so eloquently outlined in his famous, The Golden Circle, the “why” is the most important aspect of the story.

We decided to express our “why” in a short video. This is our tribute to the industry that we love.  We feel privileged to serve those who serve.  We love the restaurant industry and all the heroes that make those restaurants successful; providing us all a place to meet, celebrate, and relax.

We have said for years that we have the coolest customers in the industry, and we sincerely mean that. In building our Compeat brand story over the last few years, we made a commitment to use photos and videos of our real customers and our real employees in our marketing whenever possible.  That is exactly what you will find in this video. You will see the real heroes of our cool customers at Patxi’s Pizza, Piatti, Marlow’s Tavern, Kona Grill, HopDoddy, and Kerbey Lane. You will also see several of our rock star Compeat Peeps in the video. It’s our customers and our employees that drive our “why”.

YOU are our secret sauce.

YOU are our purpose.

THANK YOU for allowing us to continue to serve this amazing industry for the last 19 years and for many, many more years to come.