Why Compeat?

Compeat’s growth rate has been exceptional over the last four years. Many in the industry are asking: Why are so many restaurant operators choosing Compeat over other restaurant management systems?

Integrated Back Office & Accounting
Compeat Advantage handles both back office and accounting in one seamlessly integrated solution. All operational and financial information is stored in one common database and is therefore always up-to-date and always in balance. Compeat customers can drill down from a line item in their Profit & Loss Statement all the way to the transactional detail at the restaurant. Audits are fast and easy and information does not have to be imported from one system to another.

More Comprehensive Product Offering
Compeat is the only back office restaurant provider with solutions for:

Inventory Control
Food Cost Analysis
Workforce Management

Compeat competitors only have pieces and parts of this comprehensive offering, which results in restaurant personnel having to learn to use multiple systems. Purchasing systems from multiple vendors almost always results in higher costs. In addition, system integration is compromised by using multiple systems which results in redundant data entry or less comprehensive reporting.

Superior Software Licensing Terms
Compeat software is cloud-based and accessible online. The monthly Subscription includes all services required for ongoing use of the Compeat suite of products. Customers can easily turn restaurants on and off. There is no long term contract required.

Friendly Contract
Most back office software providers require a long term contract (typically three years) that prohibits cancellation or includes stiff cancellation penalties. Compeat, however, allows our customers to cancel their contract at any time with just 30 days advanced notice. The reason we do this is simply because we consistently satisfy our customers.

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Compeat customers consistently rave about our products and services. As a result, we have been able to amass a great number of customer testimonials, case studies, and white papers that detail our customer Success Stories in their own words.