Happy Customer Service Week!

Not to gush, but our customer support team really is the best.

This week is Customer Service Week! Customer Service Week has been recognized as a national since 1992 when the U.S. Congress proclaimed it to be a nationally recognized event, celebrated annually during the first full week in October.

The 2019 Customer Service Week theme is The Magic of Service™. The theme recognizes that good service is magical and the restaurant peeps and technology geeks at Compeat couldn’t agree more!

Service is at the core of everything we do. We are consultants who happen to sell software and our passion and love for the restaurant industry is why we do what we do. It drives everything we do every day; from how we design our products, how we serve our customers, and how we build our culture. We understand that happy team members = happy customers.

In honor of Customer Service Week, we’d like to introduce you to just a few of our many customer service rockstars and let them tell you what they love most about creating awesome customer service experiences.


Demetria Johnson

My favorite part of customer service is the feeling I get when I assist someone who is really confused or has a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. It is so gratifying when I am able to solve someone’s issue and they are thankful for my help.






Linda Ockenfels

My favorite part of the day is talking to customers who are struggling or having a bad day and showing them solutions that make their lives easier.



Nick Carter

I got into Customer Service over 22 years ago and have been in 8 different industries since.  What I love the most about my position here at Compeat is taking a call from someone that is frustrated and turning that frustration into a positive outcome.