Eureka! to Test Completely Contactless Dining Experience

This article was featured in FSR Magazine.

Eureka! Restaurant Group says it will be the first brand in the nation to introduce a completely contactless dining experience. Rooted in innovation and discovery, Eureka! is enhancing its high service guest-forward approach to hospitality empowering the guest to drive the experience from the comfort and safety of their own handheld smart phone. Eureka! collaborated with OneDine to curate a touchless yet personalized restaurant visit—creating a customized, cutting-edge technology platform that provides guests full control over ordering, speed of service, and payment. The restaurant group is piloting the new dining experience in October 2020 in three California locations, Claremont, Irvine, and Roseville with all 24 restaurants nationwide integrating the technology by November 2020.

The guest experience is paramount at Eureka!, and the introduction of the new technology underscores this key brand principle. Through this industry-leading innovation, guests will check-in, self-seat, view menus, order scratch food and handcrafted drinks, have the ability to keep their tab open for additional orders, request additional service, and pay their bill from their personal mobile device. The online dining platform is complemented by other technological advancements including Quick Response (QR) codes, smartwatches, and Near Field Communication (NFC) sensors for additional convenience and seamless service.

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