Dave & Buster’s Opens Fast-Casual T&T Tacos Concept

As we always say, we have the most amazing customers!  We are so proud of our customer Dave & Buster’s Entertainment Inc. as they announce the opening of their flagship fast-casual offering – T&T Tacos.

In the Dallas test store, they converted a special-event party room adjacent to the arcade into a highly visible area that includes a three-dimensional food truck facade where guests can order street tacos and drinks.  The new concept is complementary to their casual-dining offering inside the facility, adding fun to the guest’s experience while still fitting the need for convenience and speed.

Dave & Buster’s holds a special place in the hearts of the Compeat family.  They were kind enough to take in our company, providing us a safe place to work so that we could continue to support our customers, after the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  Our entire team relocated from New Orleans to the Dave & Buster’s office in Dallas after our office was completely wiped out in 2005.  By 2006, we were in love with Texas and decided to set roots in the Austin area where music, restaurants, and technology were plentiful.

Thank you Dave & Buster’s for being an amazing customer, a loyal partner, and introducing us to the great state of Texas.  We wish you great success in all that you do!