Why Compeat? Top 10 Reasons Our Customers Choose Compeat

Compeat’s growth rate has been exceptional over the last several years. Many in the industry are asking: Why are so many restaurant operators choosing Compeat over other restaurant management systems? The simple answer is Compeat software drives bottom line results for our customers, but as always there is more to it.

Top 10 Reasons Our Customers Choose Compeat:

1. Bottom Line Results for our Customers
. At Compeat, it is all about real customers and driving real results. Compeat customers consistently cut food and labor costs by an average of 5% after implementing Compeat. Just look at the results in the great number of customer testimonials, case studies, and white papers that detail our customer Success Stories in their own words.

2. One Vendor. One Contact
. Our customers love the fact that they can reduce the number of software vendors when coming to Compeat. Many restaurants struggle with multiple software vendors one for POS, one for scheduling, another for back office. Purchasing systems from multiple vendors almost always results in higher costs. In addition, system integration is compromised by using multiple systems which results in redundant data entry or less comprehensive reporting. With Compeat, they get one vendor for a full suite of restaurant management software. It makes it easier for their end users and for management.

3. Best Practices from 17 years of Restaurant Wisdom
. We came from the restaurant industry- more than 70% of our staff has restaurant experience- we understand the restaurant industry and we designed our software for restaurants. The unmatched value add our customers get with our software is 17 years of restaurant industry experience and best practices wisdom.

4. Fully Integrated and Most Comprehensive Restaurant Management Product Offering
. Over the years, we have expanded our product offering to include Accounting, Inventory, Labor, Schedule, Hire, Payroll, Logbook and Intelligence. Very simply these are the solutions our customers need to manage their prime costs and to manage their entire business. We are the only fully integrated Accounting, Back Office and Workforce solution that is all built in house. Compeat competitors only have pieces and parts of this comprehensive offering, which results in restaurant personnel having to learn to use multiple systems. but no other vendor offers the full suite of solutions.

5. Financials Always in Balance, Efficiency Improved with Timely Reporting- Making Managing a Profitable Restaurant Easier
. It is the details of what Compeat restaurant management software does for a restaurant that increases the value greatly for a restaurant operator. Start with our legendary Compeat Advantage which handles all our customers accounting, inventory and back office needs in one seamlessly integrated solution. All operational and financial information is stored in one common database and is therefore always up-to-date and always in balance. Compeat customers can drill down from a line item in their Profit & Loss Statement all the way to the transactional detail at the restaurant. Audits are fast and easy and information does not have to be imported from one system to another.It’s One System, One Set of Numbers and One Data Entry Process from POS, through operations and onto accounting. Their restaurant and financial system reporting also always match so now everyone is on the same page. POS information is easily reconciled each day and flows directly to the General Ledger and Banking. Compeat leads the pack when it comes to Daily Sales Reports (DSRs). The breadth of information on DSRs provides full sales reporting and cash reconciliation with special features for sales tax liability, house accounts, paid-outs, estimated credit card fees, tip tracking, and franchisee or management fees. POS information is captured, reported, reconciled and posted to the General Ledger and banking in one easy process with a complete audit trail.

6. The Power of Full Workforce Management Solutions
. Enjoy a full integrated workforce solution with Compeat- Labor, Schedule, Hire and Payroll. Choose what you need and we ensure it all works seamlessly together. HR, Payroll admins, managers and above store gurus love Compeat. It gives them everything they need and more. Applicants create their own employee record from the beginning. Once hired it magically feeds into Labor, Schedule and Payroll and even integrates with your POS. And of course, our workforce management solutions are simple and fully integrated with Compeat Accounting, Inventory, Logbook and Intelligence solutions to make our customers lives easier.

7. Implementation with Real People and Done the Right Way
. Anytime a new or existing customers signs on for a new product, we assign a dedicated Implementation Specialist to ensure our customers are fully trained on each product and all necessary customer data is inputted into our products. It is important to us that our customers understand every feature and utilize all aspects of the product to reap the full benefits and return on investment. Some of our solutions are easy to implement and some of our core products require full engagement from our customers to implement properly but every one of our customers tells us the process was worth it on the other side. They are set up to scale and have a perfect view of their financials and operations at every level. We tell our customers upfront the implementation process and what is required of them – no bait and switch here like some of our competitors who charge for implementation then send you to a generic video online.

8. Personalized 1:1 Customer Service
and Customer Resolution. Compeat customers consistently rave about the personalized customer service from Compeat. Service is at the core of everything we do and we back our solutions with exceptional teams dedicated to delivering personalized service for you. On our Tier 1 team, you might get Shawn or Tina or any of our other Tier 1 Gurus that are there to take care of your needs. They may even follow up with a full documented email on tips to ensure you know what to do if it happens again or give you what you need to share it across your organization.

9. Compeat Peeps.
Technology Geeks. Makes A Difference. We’ve enjoyed tremendous growth since 2000 and our team is bigger, our customer list is longer but our culture is the same. The Compeat team strives in a culture of service, family and innovation. We are a blend of restaurant people and technology innovators. We are always focused on creating better products, faster solutions and greater service for our customers. We love what we do and it shows in everything we do.

10. Customer Referrals Drive 90% of our Business.
We are proud to say the majority of our growth comes from customer referrals and we think that says it all. We can tell you all day long how great we think our software is for restaurant operations but we the real proof comes from what our customers say. Here’s just a few:

“In just 6 months of using Compeat we were able to reduce our controllable costs of goods by an average of 5%.  This results in an overall gain of profits of $300,000 a year!” said Trent Patterson, Director of Operations for Dish Society.

“Everybody’s looking at the same reports and speaking the same language from POS through accounting. We are more creative and have more valuable conversations,” Larkburger

“We love our POS information polls directly into Compeat’s DSR and accounting, saving us time and improving efficiency. I don’t know how we did it before Compeat,” Torchy’s Tacos

“As the CFO, I love the flawless integration with our POS and the automatic updating of inventory cost changes from invoices into our recipe files,” Antoine’s

“It’s easy to absorb the accounting functions of our new restaurants without adding accounting staff because Compeat automates every step of the process,” Taste Buds Management

“We’ve reduced daily bookkeeping time by 25% allowing our accounting department more time to analyze financial performance and accurately project cash flow requirements,” The Colony Grill

“Compeat allows us to fully understand our business on a daily basis and has significantly streamlined our inventory, purchasing, accounting and reporting functions,” Urban Plates

“We know where every penny is spent or wasted, enabling us to know all about the inventory and financial aspects of our company. Cost of sales has improved by 4%,” Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant