Compeat Launches New Brand, New Website and New Solutions

Compeat’s new brand highlights customers, culture and full end-to-end solution portfolio

Compeat, the most integrated end-to-end restaurant management software, has launched a new brand, two new solutions and showcases their entrepreneurial service-oriented culture.

“Since 2000, Compeat has been delivering restaurant management software for some of the most profitable and coolest restaurants in the industry. We started out with accounting and inventory, but today we have an entire portfolio of solutions for every aspect of restaurant operations from hiring and scheduling to payroll and now logbook and business intelligence. It was time our brand reflected our full offering and the great culture we have here at Compeat,” said Jeffrey Stone, CEO of Compeat.

New logo, new font, new content and new photos make up the new brand and website, designed to honor Compeat customers and provide prospects everything they need to understand the benefits of Compeat software solutions. Compeat’s focus for over 16 years has been on their customers’ success and that is clearly evident in the new brand. With over 70% of Compeat employees coming from the restaurant industry and a deep staff of innovative technology developers, Compeat has adopted a new tagline – Restaurant peeps. Technology geeks.TM

“The new website reflects our full solution portfolio, including our new digital Logbook and business Intelligence. Both innovative solutions have been designed and driven from our customers’ feedback. A full market launch is planned in the next couple of months as we complete our beta trial with a limited number of customers,” said Will Archer, CTO of Compeat. “The reception has been phenomenal.”

Software requires constant and never ending improvements and Compeat has been upgrading each of their solutions over the last year, improving user experience and scalability. The user experience and every feature within each solution is designed around how restaurant owners, admins and managers work within a restaurant.

With over 16 years of serving restaurant customers, Compeat understands the complexity of restaurant operations. Compeat software provides real-time business intelligence, giving management the ability to look at their operations from a trend perspective, full costs analysis and potential fine tuning for greater profitability.

Data can flow between a customer’s point-of-sale (POS) and between any of the Compeat’s eight solutions – Hire, Labor, Schedule, Payroll, Accounting, Inventory, Logbook and Intelligence. If a customer enters an inventory transaction it automatically creates an accounting transaction. If a server clocks in to POS, the data flows to Schedule and Payroll. This seamless integration within Compeat’s full end-to-end solution is Compeat’s greatest benefit as it can easily cut management time in half and provides restaurants with one vendor, one contact and one login.

About Compeat

Founded in 2000, Compeat offers innovative cloud-based restaurant management and accounting software that leverages technology to increase control, reduce costs, enhance insight and improve efficiency for restaurant operators. Compeat’s full end-to-end comprehensive solutions portfolio includes Compeat Hire, Labor, Schedule, Payroll, Accounting and Inventory, all fully integrated and designed in-house. For more information, visit