Compeat Interfaces With 2Touch POS

Compeat Restaurant Management System is pleased to announce an interface with 2Touch POS software. 2Touch POS offers high performance point of sale technology to enhance your service and control your restaurant operation and the profits you generate. Compeat’s interface with 2Touch captures financial, labor, and sales mix information for processing in Compeat’s Daily Sales Reporting, Inventory Control, and Workforce management systems. Mutual customers will benefit from a seamless flow of information from 2Touch POS through back office and on to accounting.

Compeat’s complete integration solution with 2TouchPOS gives our customers a 360 degree view of their operations providing them with vital information to help them run a successful business.” Matt Wambach, VP of Marketing at 2Touch POS

“We have found the integration between 2Touch & Compeat to be painless and easy. The best part is that where we are weak in technology, Compeat and 2Touch are strong. If you’re ever in doubt, let Compeat & 2Touch work it out. From DSRs, to Menu Items/Sales Mixes, & importing payroll hours/tips; Compeat’s integration with 2Touch coupled with their import templates have gotten the job done for us simply & efficiently.” Jason Ellis, CFO of Good Eating 935