Compeat is honored to sponsor the Eureka! GM Summit – July 30 to August 2 in San Diego, CA

Compeat is so excited to be sponsoring the Eureka! GM Summit, July 30-August 2 in San Diego.

Eureka! is defined as expressing delight on finding, discovering, or solving something. Those that truly appreciate great food, craft beer, and artisan liquor are discovering a better restaurant experience and Eureka! has been elevating it to an art form since 2009 when they first opened their doors in Hawthorne, CA. Today Eureka! Discovery American Crafts has 21 locations throughout the United States.

The Eureka! GM Summit is built around the company theme of Energy, Discovery, and Community and is a chance for all Eureka! general managers to come together for activities, workshops, and team building.  Compeat is honored to be a part of this event.

Eureka! has been a Compeat customer since 2014 fully utilizing Compeat’s Accounting and Inventory solutions in all of their restaurant locations. To learn more about the Eureka! and Compeat story click here and watch an interview below from the 2016 Compeat Users’ Conference.