Compeat Give Back Day 2019

At Compeat, we live to serve those who serve others.  This goes beyond just serving the restaurant industry. Our employees are equally passionate about serving the communities in which we live.

In addition to partnering with charitable organizations during the holiday season, Compeat also provides opportunities for our employees to make an impact throughout the year by offering a paid day off to serve local charities.  It is a great way for us to give back while having fun and bonding with fellow team members. Below is the list of charities that our employees chose to support for Compeat’s 2019 Give Back Day. Click here to see fun photos from all of our activities.

Petaluma – On May 23rd the Petaluma office team members held an office day Walk-a-thon at a neighboring trail to raise money for the Red Nose Day organization. Red Nose Day is a campaign with the mission to end child poverty by funding programs that keep children safe, healthy, and educated. Together, the Petaluma office team raised $2,000 with contributions from family, friends, fellow Compeat employees and past employees.

Houston – This year our Houston office chose to spend a day helping out with some upgrades at the nonpareil Institute.  The team helped with painting and moving furniture to help build on the institutes mission to provide a safe and welcoming environment for adults with autism to build better futures.

Austin: Being our largest office, the team decided to divide and conquer by choosing five amazing charities and distributing their efforts to help based on community need and employee-specific interests.  Below are the organizations that welcomed us into their establishments and allowed us to humbly work alongside them for the day:

The Ronald McDonald House Charities provide a comforting “home-away-from-home” for families to stay so they can fight their child’s illness or injury together. The Compeat team spent the day working hard to clean all the communal living spaces and playrooms – along with lots of window washing – to directly improve the health and well-being of the children and families staying in the facility.

Spirit Reins is a beautiful ranch that works with individuals and families impacted by trauma.  The Compeat group split up and did a variety of projects to clean up the property including mucking pastures, pulling weeds, building out a tack room, moving furniture into a storage unit, and mowing.  We also got to get in some cuddles with the animals including 30+ horses, a miniature horse, and a gentle giant bull named Pasco.

The SPCA of Austin was eager to get the Compeat folks started on various projects that needed attention. Once we arrived, half of the team was tasked with repainting the back deck and stairs, which were badly peeling. The rest of us gave bathed all of the dogs so they would look their best when the SPCA opened to the public later that afternoon. We also took them on walks and gave them lots of love!

In the Food Bank Garden, our volunteers learned how to spot perfectly ripe blackberries and were lucky to harvest a bunch for the Food Bank’s operation. They also had the opportunity to clear some really aggressive weeds from a stretch of plant beds. It was so satisfying to see the before and after of our labor and hear plans for the newly cleared space from the garden director.

Several employees spent the afternoon assembling lunches in the kitchen of the Central Texas Food Bank. Donned in coats and gloves, they demonstrated their teamwork from the 38-degree cooler to the assembly line, putting together 1,886 lunches for Central Texas kids.

The Wilco Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter who prides themselves on their “noses in, noses out” philosophy. Their high save rates is completely based on community support, so the Compeat team was determined to work hard by cleaning out kennels and washing continuous loads of laundry to ensure that our adorable, fuzzy friends have a safe and comfortable place to stay until they find their fur-ever home.

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