Compeat Enterprise is an ‘End-to-End’ Solution for Logan’s Roadhouse

Logan’s Roadhouse is a leading casual dining steakhouse headquartered in
Nashville, TN. The sights, sounds and the spirit of Logan’s Music City roots can
be felt through all 235 company-operated restaurants that span across 23
states. Logan’s installed Compeat Enterprise in September 2014 to manage
their back office and inventory.


Prior to Compeat, Logan’s managed their back office with various applications that did
not provide reliable controls or insights and they were not well integrated. The store
Managers and the corporate office teams were asking for improvements. They began a search for a comprehensive and well integrated back office


Logan’s selected Compeat and began their 235 store deployment of Compeat Enterprise in September 2014 and completed in January 2015. Initially Logan’s hosted Compeat Enterprise in their facilities, but they soon realized that self-hosting was not
only more time consuming but also more expensive. They switched to the
Compeat Cloud service and immediately saw improved performance, lower costs, internal labor savings, and improved efficiency.


The primary benefit Logan’s has experienced from Compeat Enterprise is the ability to unite their business and put standardized processes in order across every one of their stores.

“The magic of Compeat is in the framework,” says John Laporte, CIO at Logan’s. “Compeat provides us with a unified set of data that is continuously updated and centralized making it so the data can be seen from anyone in the entire Logan’s organization.”

Logan’s has also gained the ability to manage inventory on more of a “just-in-time” basis which enables them to provide fresher, higher quality product for the patrons, decrease waste, and free up cash tied up in excess inventory.

“With Compeat we are able to take a real time approach to replenishing our inventory at the time we need it and based on the specific store location instead of back filling to a par,” said Laporte.

A unique feature in Compeat Enterprise that Logan’s is also benefitting from is portion control. The portioning feature gives Logan’s the ability to produce a yield analysis that evaluates the efficiency of each butcher. They are also able to see which vendors give product with better yield (less fat and waste) which in turn allows them to better negotiate vendor contracts.

Going Forward

Logan’s is utilizing Compeat to replace internal systems for flash reporting and operating P&Ls. Logan’s is about to deploy Enterprise Workforce for time and attendance, labor scheduling, and a staff portal to all of their restaurants. They have integrated the Enterprise ordering and receiving features with their primary vendors as well as their corporate accounting system.

“Compeat is a complete end-to-end solution for us,” finishes Laporte.