Compeat Enables Bottega Louie to Gain Control of Their Commissary Kitchen

Bottega Louie is a 255 seat Restaurant, Gourmet Market, Patisserie and Café located at 700 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Full bar service is available. The Gourmet Market and Patisserie offer an extensive selection of sweet and savory products for your enjoyment.

Business Challenges

Bottega Louie is quite the hotspot in downtown LA with its detailed brass millwork, marble floors, and custom tables.  But the engines that produce over 800 pastries a day are across the street, and down an elevator, in a 15,000-square-foot basement dessert factory that houses over 100 employees.

With a second location poised to open in West Hollywood in 2019, the team knew that they needed a better system for quantifying and aggregating orders coming through the commissary so that they know where to ship everything and to better control the orders that are going out the door.

The Solution

After successfully using Radar for the last nine years, Bottega Louie decided to add on Compeat’s commissary tool to digitalize the commissary transactions for each of their entities while also controlling their costs of goods sold (COGS).

The Results

Now that the staff is able to automate commissary orders through Compeat, they were able to cut their administration hours incurred daily in half by automating the logging of products going in and out of the commissary, tracking purchases, and quantifying some of the reporting.

“We needed to automate a lot of the administrative effort that goes along with the commissary kitchen and Advantage is the perfect product to do that,” states Matt Lund, VP of Finance for Bottega Louie.  “The automation through Compeat is helpful to reduce if not fully eliminate our administrative hours.”

“Compeat commissary functionality is really unlike any other software that we’ve used or looked at,” continued Lund.  “We’ve used a few different recipe softwares in our history but struggled to find the right one. We have found that Compeat is really able to slice and dice the data to a granular level that really strengthens the accuracy and helps us hone in exactly on the problem areas.  A commissary is only as beneficial as it is efficient, so adding a product like Advantage to that arsenal makes all of the difference.”

“The implementation process with Compeat was really unlike any other system that we had used,” Lund adds. “It was a lot of hand holding in the beginning helping us to understand what the system is like and the overall architecture of it. Then it is a lot of training the trainer to make sure that your high-level employees understand how to use Compeat so that they can determine how it’s best utilized for their concepts, then that information is disseminated down to all of the rest of the employees.” The team also really appreciated the extensive library of training materials and manuals that provided so that they could have instructions and tips at our fingertips to look up at any point in the process.